Drew University offers Technology Integrated Learning Environments (TILEs) of all sizes to support teaching & learning, student engagement, and social interaction on campus. These rooms enable faculty members to bring everything from the internet to discipline specific software directly to the students and are designed to incorporate media and technology for a wide variety of classes and events.

The equipment in each classroom offers a powerful and stable environment designed to be flexible enough to meet any needs an instructor may have.

  • Desktops with Windows 7 Enterprise.
  • The Microsoft Office Suite, CloudPC, web browsers and many other software applications.
  • LCD data projectors.
  • VHS and DVD units plus a DVD drive in the computer.

All rooms are covered by the wireless network, and some have one network jack per seat to enable students to use their laptops in class. Each classroom is also equipped with a campus phone and usage/troubleshooting documentation in case of difficulty.

Sample TILE

For immediate issues with these systems, please call x1487 from the phone in the classroom.
This number is not reachable by cell phone, so make sure to use the campus phone which is installed in the room.

Currently, there are over one hundred TILEs available on campus:

  • Level 1 Classrooms: 49
  • Level 2 Classrooms: 14
  • Level 3 Classrooms: 25
  • Community Spaces: 5
  • Departmentally Owned Spaces: 11
  • Casual Media Locations: 10