Office 2016 Now Available to Drew Students and Employees

Currently enrolled students and currently employed staff and faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the latest Microsoft Office suite, Office 2016. This software suite is available for computers running both the Windows OS and the Mac OS. Please note that you must be on campus to install the software, as it will need to check in with our server. We also recommend that you plug in both a power supply and a network cable prior to downloading and installing the software. If you have a Mac, please make sure you have updated to either Yosemite or El Capitan as Office 2016 requires this. Students interested in downloading this new software will find instructions here. Staff and faculty interested in installing the software on their Drew-issued computer will find instructions here. Staff and faculty interested in installing the software on a personal computer can learn more about the Home Use Program here. Office 2016 Redesigned Ribbon – The redesigned ribbon menu intuitively organizes features so you can quickly find what you need. Threaded Comments – With threaded comments in Word and PowerPoint, you can have a conversation right next to relevant text. Office 2016 for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts – Control shortcuts, like […]

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Candiotti Fund Recipients Announced

University Technology and the Candiotti Fund Committee are proud to announce the recipients of grants made possible by the Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education. 2016-2017 Stacy Fischer, Director of the Center for Global Education, was awarded a grant from the Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education for the 2016-2017 academic year. The funding provides wireless headphone systems for students in the New York Semester on Communications and Media (Spring 2017) as they visit organizations such as WNYC, the New York Times, Google, the Daily Beast, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students cannot always hear the speakers during these visits due to the need to speak in low voices so as not to disturb others as well as ambient noise. The systems will allow students to hear the valuable information provided by these speakers. Stacy presented this project at CommonsCon 2017, which was held on February 16, 2017 in the Academic Commons. 2016-2016 Gerald Liu, Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Worship Arts in the Theological School, will be working on a project “to develop a studio liturgical arts course for Master of Divinity students that explores how to make modern iconography and modern sacred music using […]


Announcing PDF-XChange, Drew’s new software for PDF creation, editing and file format conversion! University Technology is pleased to launch this new service as a step up from Adobe Acrobat Pro. All Faculty, Staff and Students can access PDF-XChange and take advantage of the increased number of features, tools and noticeable user-friendliness. Here are some of the things you can do with PDF-XChange: Edit and move text and graphics within a PDF Add headers, footers, and pagination Record and embed sound files Create new PDFs from existing PDF, text, rich text, and/or image files (you can combine different file types) Extract specific pages from an existing PDF Extract and save images from an existing PDF Easily cut, paste and convert using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from both scanned documents and pre-existing PDFs Convert PDFs to .txt, .docx, or .rtf file formats PDF-XChange can be accessed via CloudPC, in the Office Applications folder. You will see both a Viewer (which simply allows you to look at a PDF, similar to Nitro PDF Reader or Adobe Reader) and an Editor (which offers the options listed above – and more!). Please contact the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357 with any questions.

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Windows XP End of Support

Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 and will no longer provide security updates. Any PC/laptop running Windows XP after this date represents a security risk for the entire Drew network and must be upgraded to Windows 7 or removed from the network. If you are using a PC/laptop with Windows XP, please contact the office of Infrastructure, Telecommunications and On-site Services at x3333 as soon as possible to discuss your options. Thank you. You can read more from Microsoft at their website: End of XP Support

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Summer Projects 2013

University Technology has been busy this summer! We have done a lot of work to improve wireless coverage across campus, including the following buildings: McLendon Dorothy Young Center Seminary Hall Mead Hall We began work on updating the fiber cables on campus. The new disk arrays are in and are being tested, we will be moving data over to them shortly. The network core switch upgrades were completed. We upgraded from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.4. See the Moodle post for more information. We updated the computer labs (BC 1, BC 5, the Fac/Staff Lab, and the STEL) to run Windows 7. We are updating both U-KNOW and relaunching MI6, the University wiki and the ticket tracking system currently used by UT. Banner was upgraded and the database extended to prepare for Banner XE, the next version of the Banner interface. Banner XE provides a modern web interface for Banner, in contrast to the Oracle Forms used for INB. The university’s ten year old single sign-on system for web resources, iChain, was replaced with NetIQ Access Manager. This allowed us to streamline our single sign-on process, and provides us with the ability to federate with external applications, such as Google […]

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Welcome Back

Six things you need to know for Fall 2013 University Technology is pleased to welcome the Class of 2017, and welcome back returning students, staff and faculty. Here are six things you need to know about technology for the new academic year: 1. Changes in the Computer Initiative For the first time since the beginning of the Computer Initiative, first year students will not be issued a computer from Drew. All undergraduates are required to have a laptop, and are explicitly told this on the Drew Laptop Program web page: “All Drew students are required to have a laptop for academic purposes. Other devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.) are fine as supplemental for personal use, but Drew University policy is that each student should have their own laptop. There will be no additional computer labs added to accommodate students who do not comply with the requirement.” Second, third and fourth year students have Drew-issued computers and there will be no changes in the support offered. Students are responsible for: Bringing a laptop with them to campus Installing Microsoft Office and F-Secure (provided by University Technology; see the installation page for further information) Keeping their laptop in working order Second, third, fourth […]

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Introducing Moodle 2.4

On August 13, Drew will be upgrading Moodle from 1.9 to the new and improved Moodle 2.4. What’s New in 2.4? Drag and Drop upload of files now works in all web browsers All assignment types are built into one assignment resource Personal file repository Built in help feature Easy editing of activities and resources What should I expect to see in the next month? You will not see any changes at until August 13. On that date, you will be able to see the new Moodle 2.4 at, which you can reach using the icon on TreeHouse. If you still need to access old courses, you can do so at How can I learn about Moodle 2.4? Open Lab Training (first come, first served) Location: FacLab (BC 11) August 14, 10am-12pm August 20th, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm August 26th, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm What if I need to restore a course from the old Moodle site or request that my courses be combined? Course restoration and combination requests still work the same way. All you have to do is fill out the following forms… Restore Course Combine Courses I have a Group or Departmental Moodle Site. How can […]

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Google @ Drew

Since June 3, Drew has been using Google email and calendar. To start using your Drew Google account, check out the Getting Started with Google page. Faculty and staff email, calendars, and address books have already been migrated as part of the project. Students were offered the option of paying a small fee of $5.25 for migration or copying their email over manually. These options are no longer available. The last day for students to request migration was Friday, October 4, 2013. If you have used the GroupWise Archive feature and wish to move your archives, please contact the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357 or open a support ticket online. The GroupWise servers were made unavailable on November 19, 2013. We are recommending the Google Chrome browser for the additional functionality available. Whichever browser you use, take a look at Setting Your Browser to Use Google Mail as Default. If you have any questions about using Google Mail, Calendar, Drive or other apps, please call the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357.

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