I have an interesting position within University Technology. I’ve spent over 15 years in the Media Resource Center and over that time, I’ve collected assignments and duties as they have become more important on campus. During a typical work day, I assist with the day to day operations of the MRC. I make sure classes and events get the technology as requested, sometimes going out into the field to train a student or to assist a faculty or staff member. The other parts of my job include video production, video editing (using various software packages) live streaming campus events, and web conference support. My role on the Instructional Technology team is to create multimedia content for faculty and departments, to assist Nicole Pinto-Creazzo with our learning management systems and, maybe most importantly, to make people laugh.

I was  born and raised in Central NJ, enjoy traveling, sports and live music. If you choose to see more about me, you can check out Shawn SpaventaShawn pic 9.21