paul3I have a dual role. I’m the Senior Systems Architect in the University Technology Operations group, and I’m responsible for providing the environment for our systems and services – the storage, the servers, and the virtualization layer.​ In addition, I have day-to-day responsibility for a number of those services.

In my consulting role as part of the Instructional Technology team, I provide support for academic departments that need specialized software. For example, I manage the servers for the Computer Science and Environmental Studies programs on an ongoing basis, the servers used by the Library, and create additional systems for other departments when needed. I’m part of the team supporting the Art Department’s Digital Classroom. And, of course, I’m available for any additional consulting and advice as needed by our customers.

I’m originally from Rhode Island, and still find any excuse possible to spend time in New England. My family and most of my friends refuse to play Trivial Pursuit with me.