gamin with drew signsI’m the Senior Director of Instructional Technology and User Services here at Drew, and I’ve asked the Instructional Technology team to (re-)introduce themselves to the Drew Community. We all work hard to support faculty and students in their technology-related academic activities. Please check out all of our posts! 


Here are a few of the things I’m working on right now:

Working with Laura Martin, Dean of Information, Innovation and Strategy, to enhance our offerings and ensure that the work of Instructional Technology is founded in best practices for the pedagogically sound integration of technology in learning and teaching.

Collaborating with Chris Anderson, Associate Dean of Libraries, to offer services and support in coordination with the Library as we work together toward realizing the Library space as the hub of Drew’s intellectual life.

Participating on the Digital Humanities Steering Committee with CLA faculty members Hannah Wells, Josh Kavaloski, and Louis Hamilton. We are working on a proposal to the Mellon Foundation to secure funding for a major Digital Humanities Initiative at Drew.

Working with Nicole Pinto-Creazzo, who is leading our search for Drew’s New Learning Management System. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting search. 

Working with Verna Holcomb, who is running and supporting a pilot project called Drew Domains as part of the work in Digital Humanities and specifically Digital Literacy for our students. For more information on this, please see the outline of a Drew Domains presentation I made at CLA Faculty Development day in August.

Teaching a workshop called: How Google Sheets Saved my Literature Class

This workshop is based on an article of the same name by Erick Sienna, which was published in the April 10, 2016 Digital Campus insert to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Sienna writes “What if, rather than banning technology from the learning environment, we could route it back in? Technology, culprit of so much mental absentia among millennials could actually deepen their presence in the classroom.” He goes on to describe using technology, in this case Google Sheets, to effect deepening of student presence in the classroom, and to move them from lower-order to higher-order thinking – he even promises this can be done in 15 minutes! In this workshop we will examine his techniques and learn how to apply them not only to Literature classes, but to others as well.

Please see our full listing of fall workshops at

Starting up a new project management process for instructional technology requests. This will be the foundation for success when we suggest a technology integration, or when faculty members think of a great way to integrate technology into their teaching and come to us for help! Here is how our new process will work:

Faculty request: Integrating a technology tool into a course

  1. Information/Initial discussion with faculty and Instructional Technology staff
  2. Identification of tool or tools
  3. Identification of Instructional Technology staff needed to support integration
  4. Agreement on goals and timeline
  5. Agreement on division of labor
  6. Help with and review of integration
  7. Plan for ongoing support

Serving as outgoing Co-Chair of the Drew Staff Association. This group has been doing wonderful work and I’m proud to be a part of it! The current chair is Deshawn Cook, Asstistant Director of Residence Life and the incoming chair is Heather Robinson, Associate Director of CLA Admissions. All staff are automatically members of DSA, so please consider attending one of our events or volunteering for a committee. Write for more information.

Serving as Co-Chair of the NJEDge Academic Technology Group. In this capacity I work with colleagues statewide and will be hosting the group’s fall meeting here on campus in October. I’m also very involved with NJEDge as a member of the Annual Conference Program Committee as well as a presenter at the NJEDge Annual Conference 2016.

I’m what is called an Alternate Academic, which I understand to mean someone with a Ph.D. or other terminal degree who has chosen a different path in Higher Education than a traditional faculty position. Working in Instructional Technology allows me to immerse myself in the academic environment and support learning and teaching across campus.

When I’m not at work I can be found walking my dog Charlie, shopping for (and then cooking) organic and local foods at farmers markets, and trying to train for 5K races. My knitting and jewelry-making hobbies have been on the back-burner for a while, but as they say, winter is coming so there may be time for them in colder weather.