Section 1

Membership shall consist of all staff/administration.

Section 2

All members are entitled to vote at general or specially called meetings.


Section 1

Regular meetings of the US/A shall be held five times a year.

Section 2

Notice of the meeting must reach the membership at least ten days prior to the meeting.

Section 3

Special meetings may be called by the Board or by a group of at least ten members. Notice of the meetings must reach membership at least ten days prior to the called meeting.

Section 4

Items requiring the vote of the general membership must be submitted in writing to the members at least seventy-two hours prior to a regular called meeting.

Section 5

In order for the general membership to conduct any business a quorum, which shall consist of 40 members of US/A, must be present.

Section 6

Proposals for action

a. May be initiated by the Board or any group of at least ten members of US/A.

b. Should be submitted to the appropriate standing committee or, when that appropriate committee is in question, to the Board. Written copies of the proposal must be sent to each committee or board member.

c. Proposals not acted upon by a committee or Board may be presented to the general membership for action by any group of at least ten members of US/A.

d. Proposals to be acted upon by general membership must be received by them at least seventy-two hours prior to the meeting at which the proposal will be discussed.

e. Proposals shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members present and voting. The Board reserves the right to exclude any staff member with faculty voting rights from voting on proposals that it feels should not be voted on by someone with faculty voting rights.


Section 1

a. The officers of the US/A shall be an Administrative Cabinet Member of the University, two Chief Executives, a Secretary, a Treasurer, two University Senate Representatives, an Expense and Allocation Committee representative, the Compensation Committee representative, Chairs of the standing committees, and two members-at-large, consisting of a fair representation from all levels of University employees. These elected officers shall make up the US/A Board.  Also invited to attend the Board meetings in an ex-officio capacity are the Executive Officer(s) from the previous year, a Facilities representative, proposed by their management, and a Dining Services representative, proposed by their management, and the Human Resources Director.

b. The two Chief Executives may serve as a chair and vice-chair or as two co-chairs.

c. An Executive Committee shall consist of the two Chief Executives, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.

Section 2

Duties of the officers:

a. When the Chief Executives are serving as Chair and Vice Chair their duties are as defined in paragraph I and II below. When the Chief Executives are serving as the two Co-chairs, they shall share equally in the responsibilities listed in paragraphs I and II below.

I. The Chair of US/A shall preside at meetings of the membership and of the Board and shall discharge the duties which ordinarily pertain to that office.

II. In the absence or inability of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall preside at meetings of the membership and the Board. In the event that both Chief Executives are absent from the meeting of the membership or Board, a chair pro tempore shall be chosen by the Chief Executives to act at any such meeting.

b. The Secretary shall be custodian of all records and papers of the Board. The secretary shall give due notice to the members of the board of all meetings thereof and shall keep minutes of all meetings of the board which, after approval, shall be transcribed in permanent record. The secretary shall after each meeting send to every member of the Board a copy of the minutes of the meetings of the Board and shall do all other things properly pertaining to the office of Secretary.

c. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the creation and monitoring of the US/A budget and shall oversee and authorize all expenditures. The Treasurer shall submit a budget for approval by the Board no later than the September Board meeting. Additionally, an expenditure report will be prepared and approved by the Board at every board meeting.

d. US/A shall be vested with the authority to discuss and express its view on any matter of general interest, and to make recommendations concerning any such matter to the Administration Cabinet Member of the University. That person shall exercise such direction as will promote usefulness and growth of US/A.

e. The University Senate representatives shall be voting members of the University Senate and shall attend meetings of the body.

f. The chairs of the standing committees shall serve as liaisons between committees and the Board.

g. The members-at-large should represent specific constituencies that otherwise lack representation on the Board and should serve as liaison from those constituencies to the Board.

Section 3

An election shall be held at the annual meeting of the general membership which shall be held in the Spring. The Nominating Committee shall propose a slate of officers which shall be distributed at least ten days prior to the meeting. When the nominating committee proposes the slate of officers to the membership, it should declare the intention of the Chief Executives to serve as Chair and Vice-Chair or as two Co-Chairs. The slate shall whenever possible assure a reasonable and useful distribution and representation among the membership of US/A. Nominations shall be accepted from the floor with the consent of the nominee. Voting shall be by written ballot for contested positions.

Section 4

The terms of office for the Executive Officers, Secretary, Treasurer, the University Senate and Compensation Committee representatives, and the Expense and Allocation Committee representative shall be two years. The Expense and Allocation Committee representative shall serve one year as a shadow and one year as a voting member. The Executive Officers are limited to one term in office, while the University Senate and Compensation Committee representatives, and the Expense and Allocation Committee representative may serve two terms, but then may not serve again in that position until two years have elapsed. All other officers may be re-elected to multiple terms.

Section 5

All officers shall take office immediately following the election.

Section 6

In case of a vacancy of one of the Chief Executives, the remaining Chief Executives shall assume the duties until the next annual meeting of the general membership at which time a replacement may be elected. The Board shall fill all other vacancies on the Board in consultation with the Nominating Committee.


Section 1

The Board Shall:

a. Act for the general membership when the general membership is not in session.

b. Plan and administer the operations of the US/A.

c. Coordinate the work of the standing committees.

d. Be responsible for carrying out the constitutional requirements of these bylaws.

Section 2

The Board shall meet monthly during the academic year and at other times as the Chief Executives or Board shall choose.


Section 1

The Standing Committees shall consist of:

a. Human Resources Advisory Committee
The responsibility of the Human Resources Advisory Committee shall be to serve as a means of exchanging information between the Human Resources department and staff/administration employees. Such matters may include, but are not limited to, personnel policies and procedures, benefits, working conditions, and general instructional programs concerning employee health and well-being. The committee may express reactions to proposed changes, may recommend changes, and may bring specific problems to the attention of the Human Resources department.  The Committee also holds the responsibility of organizing the Service Anniversary Luncheon in cooperation with the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Director or a representative from the Human Resources office designated by the HR Director, shall be an ex-officio member of the Board.

b. Program Committee
The Program Committee shall be responsible for developing programs for the five regular meetings of US/A which shall be two per semester plus an annual social event and for announcing these meetings. This committee shall also organize events with Board approval to bring US/A members together in social settings. In addition, this committee shall be responsible for holding seminars, training sessions and meetings to promote the personal growth and education of staff/administration personnel.

c. Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers yearly at the annual meeting of US/A after soliciting the entire US/A membership for volunteers and nominations. It shall also present a list of candidates suggested for membership to all standing committees of US/A and University governance committees to the Board at the first meeting following the election of new officer to the Board.

d. Legislative/By-Laws Committee
The Legislative/By-laws Committee shall be responsible for processing suggested amendments to the Constitution/By-Laws.

e. Service Committee
The Service Committee shall be responsible for developing at least one volunteer opportunity, per semester, for US/A membership to assist not-for-profit and charitable entities, organizations, and services. Volunteer opportunities may be either Drew- or non-Drew related.

Section 2

The Standing committees shall be appointed by the Board upon recommendations of the Nominating Committee. When ever possible, appointments shall be made in such a way as to assure a reasonable and useful distribution among the US/A. Half of the members of these committees shall be appointed in alternate years to provide for ongoing representation. Vacancies occurring in the membership of any of the standing committees shall be filled by the Board.

Section 3

The standing committees shall report to the general membership at the regular scheduled meetings.

Section 4

The Board may appoint ad hoc sub-committees, task forces, or individuals to perform a particular task for a specified time period.


Section 1

This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a meeting called for that purpose.

Section 2

Notice by e-mail, including the text of the amendment, shall be given to the general membership at least ten days prior to the meeting.


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