Drop / Add of Classes


Drop / Add Policy (For Classes)

Tuition and Fees:  Drop/ Add Policy

Students wishing to adjust their Fall or Spring schedules may do so without penalty during the first two weeks of classes. They may add or drop classes only with the approval of their advisers. Any tuition and fees associated with the officially added or dropped course(s) during this 2 week period are adjusted in full. A reduction in the number of courses carried may result in a reduction in the level of financial aid. Please consult with the Office of Financial Assistance if you have questions. Additional Tuition will be charged for courses added to a student’s transcript at any time per that semester’s fee schedule.  No financial adjustment is made for Fall or Spring courses dropped after the first two weeks.

This policy does not apply to students who are dropping ALL of their courses in a semester.  If you are dropping all of your courses in a semester, please refer to the Withdrawal/Leave policies found on the Institutional Refund Policies page.