Information for Vendors.


Information for Vendors

Vendors currently providing or coordinating to provide goods and/or services to the University and vendors interested in providing goods and/or services to the University in the future are required to be registered with Drew University. In order to become a registered vendor with Drew University, please click on the Vendor Registration Form.

Vendors currently providing goods and/or services or coordinating with a Drew University department to begin providing goods and/or services should answer “Yes” to the question in the vendor registration form. Upon answering “Yes” the vendor will be required to include the department name and contact person who the vendor is working with.

Vendors will receive a confirmation email from upon successful submission and approval of a Vendor Registration Form. This email will include the vendor’s Banner Registration ID, which is an automated ID generated for all successful applicants.

Please note, the Office of Procurement Services maintains an internal database of all vendors and submitting the Vendor Registration Form, does not deem any financial obligation whatsoever on Drew University.

Certificates of Insurance

Vendors who perform services on campus, provide products which may be potentially dangerous or who operate vehicles on campus are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance to Procurement Services prior to the delivery of any such products or services. Coverage limits shall be as outlined in the University’s terms and conditions unless otherwise waived or modified by the Procurement department in consultation with Legal Affairs.