Petty Cash Disbursements

Petty Cash Disbursements.

Requests for cash reimbursements that do not exceed $50 will be processed by completing the Petty Cash Reimbursement Form.  The form should be filled out completely including information regarding the purpose of expense, the departmental account number to be charged (Fund, Org, Acct), and the amount.  Support documentation and original receipts must be attached.  All expenditures that are to be reimbursed with petty cash funds should be pre-approved by the VP or Dean prior to purchase to ensure that the request is in compliance with University Policy. You can refer to the Drew University Business Entertainment Policy for specific details regarding allowable reimbursed expenses.

Examples of Prohibited Expenses are, but not limited to, the following:

  • No item should be handled as petty cash that can be readily secured though normal purchasing channels
  • No item paid via credit or debit card shall be reimbursed using petty cash (This is a cash-for-cash transaction)
  • All expenses for travel and entertainment including meals, lodging and transportation. This includes refreshments for any on campus meetings or training.
  • All employee meals and expenses incurred at a restaurant must be submitted through the Travel and Entertainment reimbursement process
  • Non-emergency office supplies, IT equipment or furniture
  • Cash advances / employee loans
  • Gift Cards

All completed requests can be brought to the Student Accounts Office for reimbursement between 9am and 4pm, M-F (posted exclusions may apply). The form must include the ALL necessary signatures before it will be processed by the Student Accounts Office (authorization signature sheet must be on file at the Students Account Office). The Student Accounts office has the right to deny requests if not in compliance with University Policy.

Petty Cash Reimbursement Form