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Drew’s beautiful, wooded, 186-acre campus—called The Forest—is a vibrant, diverse, friendly and personal university community located next to a powerhouse world capital.

74% Optimist 83% Passport Holder 44% Bilingualist 40% Tweeter 95% Financial Air Receiver 63% Tongue Roller 71% Daydreamer 67% News Junkie 88% Believer in Oneself

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blue & green

11 ways to be a sports legend

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Rooms on special floors dedicated to wellness and a living environment free of drugs, alcohol and cigarette
Number of droll t-shirts the standard-issue Drew dresser can accommodate
The ideal angle at which to leave your dorm room door ajar to invite friends old and new to come say hello
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Your Drew experience is yours to define. In one day, you can practice medieval combat, spin at WMNJ, walk for tetanus awareness and screen a social justice documentary. What about tomorrow?

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From Beijing to Belize and Sydney to South Africa, Drew students can choose from more than 45 life-changing domestic and foreign study-abroad options.