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What if you could...

What if you could intern with superior court judges and prosecutors, or in probation offices and juvenile courts...

Drew’s Pre-Law program offers knowledgeable support and guidance to future lawyers

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From mock trial contests to an undergraduate journal on law and public policy, Drew’s student-run Law and Political Science Society helps pre-law students learn about their future profession.


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In the past five years, Drew alumni have enrolled in law schools, such as Georgetown, Harvard, Cornell, Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, New York University and University of California–Berkeley.

Virtually any of Drew’s majors can serve as strong preparation for law school: the traditional fields of political science, economics, English and history, as well as any of a number of fields that require logical thinking and clear communication such as sociology, psychology, mathematics, philosophy or computer science.

Pre-law student internships are actively encouraged. Our location near New York City and mid-way between two New Jersey legal centers, Morristown and Roseland, offers prime professional assignments.