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Political Science

What if you could...

What if you could be part of a busy, stimulating department tackling political systems on both a local and global scale...

Political Science is the
study of how people
govern themselves

intern at the united nations
Why Thérèse Postel can’t imagine going into anything but international relations.

Careers Made easy

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You can leave Drew with impressive internship experience, and, having studied with top-notch faculty, a complex understanding of pressing issues: torture, terrorism, educational policy, environmental policy.

Our alumni go to graduate school or law school, work for federal, state and local governments, or join the financial sector, consulting firms and nonprofits.

As one of Drew’s largest majors, political science students have access to a sizeable network of alumni when they graduate. One recent grad is completing a master’s at the International Institute in Geneva and will be working at the UN. Another is working for a military non-proliferation nonprofit in China. These connections can be enormously helpful.

Successful Alumni

  • Campaign strategist
    New Jersey Republican Party
  • Advocacy and counterterrorism associate
    Human Rights Watch
  • Analyst
    Goldman Sachs, Salt Lake City

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the clothes make the man
One of our professors dons an Uncle Sam costume to watch election returns
with poly sci majors at the student center. It helps lighten the mood
on what can be pretty intense nights.

My Favorite Course

“We studied terrorist tactics from Al Qaeda to the IRA. This class helped with an internship I did with the New York Police Department’s Counterterrorism Division.”

Thérèse Postel on Terrorism