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What if you could...

What if you could approach your education broadly at Drew for three years, then finish with an engineering degree from Columbia...

Engineering readies students
for this rewarding field in
multiple ways

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Path 1: Pursue engineering through the five-year Drew-Columbia dual-degree program.
Spend three years at Drew earning a top-flight liberal arts education, then move into the engineering program at Columbia University. Students work toward a B.A. from Drew, plus a B.S. from Columbia. You always have the option to stay at Drew if you change your mind.

Path 2: Major in science at Drew and pursue engineering in graduate school.
The sciences at Drew—hands-on, closely mentored by top faculty, rich with opportunities for research—give you the perfect background to pursue a graduate degree in engineering. It worked for recent Drew graduates who’ve gone on to Penn State, Cornell, Lehigh, NJIT, Stevens Institute of Technology and more.

Path 3: Major in a science at Drew and head to work.
Engineers are involved in every science you can name, creating new products and devising new methods to get the job done. You can be ready to move into industry the day you graduate Drew, armed with skills for success.