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How You Learn

How You Learn

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practical applications

I was interested in placental stem cells as a treatment for brain disease. Even though Dr. Knowles wasn’t my professor, he was so supportive that I asked if I could join his Alzheimer’s research.

Laura Frese, double major, biology and computer science

Because of Laura’s interest, we now have four students working on stem cells for the first time.

Roger Knowles, professor of biology

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“Your professors will know your name, your dog’s name,
your birthday and what you did last weekend.”



Find Your Yoda

At Drew, you’ll be taken under the wing of brilliant professors
—kind of like being mentored by Yoda and a fairy godmother all in one.

make your brain hurt

You’re smart. We know that. But we also know that for you, being smart is not enough. You’re curious, restless and hungry for a challenge. That’s why we provide exceptional students with two rigorous yet rewarding scholarship programs and opportunities for specialized honors once you’re here.

Baldwin Honors

Drew recognizes promising scholars and leaders with an invitation to the Baldwin Honors program, which includes a substantial four-year scholarship, opportunities for independent study and research, and access to master classes and VIP receptions.

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Civic Scholars

Written in stone high on Drew’s gothic gateway are the words, “Freely Ye Have Received, Freely Give.” Drew’s Civic Scholars program rewards applicants showing extraordinary commitment to the community with a $10,000, four-year scholarship and inclusion in special seminars and community-based classes.

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Specialized Honors

If receiving a diploma with the words “graduated with honors” on it sounds sweet, then keep your GPA high and you’ll receive an invitation your junior year to write and present a senior thesis. Do that well, and this distinction is yours.

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your homework could

the world

It’s not enough to sit in a classroom and just read about the world. To truly understand it, we need to be a part of it. Our community-based learning classes let you apply your knowledge in partnership with local organizations, serving the needs of the community. Here, the outcome of a class isn’t simply measured in letter grades, but through meaningful change.