Civic Scholars

be a civic scholar at Drew


Drew is so serious about civic engagement that we offer $10,000 scholarships ($2500 per year for four years) for those determined to better the world, and a one time $5,000 Experiential Learning Fellowship for use after the first year for research, service, internships, non-tuition abroad expenses and the like.

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The possibilities for taking action at Drew—on and off-campus—are limitless. 
Watch how Drew students give back as they prepare to take on the world after graduation.

United Nations

Nicole Kuruszko pursues a passion for social justice and human rights as an intern in Manhattan.

Teaching Youth

Drew students work with high school students to create original works of theater.

Environmental Protection

Using GIS skills, Brianne Flynn helps a local nature preserve plan for a healthy future.

What’s life like as a civic scholar?

Sure, hearing you’ve won a Civic Scholarship is reason enough to use your bed as a trampoline (not to mention the pleased look it will put on your parents’ faces). But it also guides you, step by step, to develop the crucial skills you’ll need as a leader working for true social progress.

First year

Enroll in a special seminar taught by the director of the Center for Civic Engagement and a weekly civic engagement workshop focused on practical skill-building.

Sophomore year

Do a 2-credit Civic Internship with a nonprofit or government agency and participate in skills and leadership development workshops as well as special leadership opportunity teams.

Junior year

Lead teams of students working on communications, events planning, alternative break trips and other ways of increasing Drew’s impact on communities.


Contribute 100 hours of work to the community beyond Drew. You will also enroll in Community-Based Learning classes to connect your community work to your major.

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