Computer Science

What if you could use your SQL expertise to help cable channel BBC America slash the time it takes to schedule ads...

Computer science is the study of systems for smart problem-solving.

Help us create Digital Mappaemundi (DM), a computer tool funded by national grants that
scholars worldwide can use to annotate images and texts.

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With the far-reaching impact of the internet, this is a heady and rewarding time to enter the field. At every scale—from tiny phone apps to global networks and research supercomputing—computer scientists are shaping the future.

Graduate with an impressive résumé packed with real research and internships, in addition to all your course work. Anybody who wants to can. We make that happen.

Our grads are prepared to jump right in to solving problems for large financial companies and power players like Google, or to be partners in ingenious start-up companies, making great ideas come to life.

Successful Alumni

  • Systems administrator
  • Director of software engineering
    BlackRock investment firm
  • User interface developer

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—number of cookies we decorate at an end-of-fall-semester party wherepeople goof around and celebrate everyone’s hard work.

My Favorite Course

“You get a deep understanding of how the computer works from the ground up, as well as the history of why people built the systems they did. We learned so much.”

Tim Andres, on Operating Systems

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