Chinese Studies

What if you could learn modern standard Chinese, or 普通話, from Professor Bai Di, a native of Harbin, China...

Chinese Studies explores one of the world’s most powerful shapers of the future.

China, Yes!
Nationally, five percent of college students who studied abroad in 2009-10 studied in China.
At Drew, our percentage was more than double that.

Careers Made easy

good guanxi*

Chinese language skills are highly prized in today’s job market. Majoring or double-majoring in Chinese Studies opens doors and makes graduates uniquely desirable to employers in any number of fields, from business to the sciences to humanities and fine arts.

Our faculty helps graduates with introductions and recommendations to educational institutions and employers both in North America and in China. Since the department is close-knit, our recommendations are based on a close working knowledge of each student’s skills.

Many of our alumni are already working in China and arranged their employment soon after graduation.

*loosely translates as “personal connection”

Successful Alumni

  • Financial analyst
    ACA Compliance Group
  • English teacher
    Pinghe Bilingual School, Shanghai
  • Account coordinator
    Hanwha International, LLC, Cranbury, N.J.

Learn more about when you graduate

beijing’s 5th ring road
This city’s concentric ring roads define socioeconomic zones. The further you go,
the less touristy it gets. We take Drew students way out to the fifth-ring road.
It’s a side of Beijing visitors don’t usually get to see.

My Favorite Course

“I was able to listen to Chinese spoken in film and understand what was being discussed. Through movies I was also able to observe Chinese culture and values.”

Jessica Cooney on Selected Topics in Modern Chinese Literature and Film

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