What if you could learn what it might one day take to annihilate particularly virulent infections, like MRSA...

Biology is the study of life and living organisms on earth.

You better belize it
Each spring, students travel to Belize for nine sun-kissed days to study life on a coral reef.

Careers Made easy

spend life studying life

About 80 percent of our biology majors intern during their time at Drew. The rest are doing intern-like projects. We’re one of the few liberal arts universities where students shadow doctors in a busy emergency room—this really helps when applying to med school.

Despite the economy, nearly 100 percent of our grads are employed or in medical or graduate school. Our students excel at getting jobs in their field. And we’re pleased to say that they excel equally well at finding satisfaction in their jobs.

For students interested in medical school, veterinary school and related areas, Drew’s Health Professions Advisory Committee provides curricular guidance and support throughout the application process.

Successful Alumni

  • Professor of biological sciences
    Dartmouth College
  • Tropical ornithologist
    Louisiana State University
  • Environmental educator
    Peace Corps

Learn more about when you graduate

Lots of lab time builds the camaraderie you see the night
before finals when students are pooling their knowledge over pizza.
You get a closeness, a shared sense of tackling complex subjects together.

My Favorite Course

“They were taught by taking everything you learned and combining it together to answer a question rather than it being a memory dump.”

Christian Maggio on Microbiology, Immunology and Virology

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