Art History

What if you could discover art that radically departs from the past...

Art history is the study of visual culture, creativity and innovation over time.

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Our very active Art History and Museums Club regularly shuttles students
to museums in Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.

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Working in Drew’s Art History Visual Resources Library allows students to develop the skills necessary for art history and digital humanities in both museum and library settings. Our students develop a critical eye for the intrinsic quality of an image, while hands-on digitization familiarizes students with the latest technologies.

Art history is a crucial part of the liberal arts. It nurtures your visual acuity and combines it with close, critical written analysis: skills that will benefit you in any field you pursue, especially in today’s media-rich environment.

Our majors pursue careers in law, art law and cultural property, medicine, architectural preservation, education and linguistics, as well as M.A. and Ph.D. programs in art history.

Successful Alumni

  • Associate vice-president, 19th-century decorative arts
  • Director
    Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York City
  • Graduate student, historic preservation
    Columbia University

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Art history at Drew
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My Favorite Course

“I did my final project on the relationship between Caravaggio’s altarpieces and the growth of nationalism in 17th-century Italy; I plan to continue this research for a senior thesis.”

Jaime Balesteros, on Caravaggio: The Art, the Man, the Myth

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