Action Plan.


Action Plan

University Title IX/EEO/AA Action Plan

Action Plan Summary and Overview



Logic Model for 2017/18 Academic Year



Data Analysis Included:

Climate Survey

Title IX/EEO Office Data

Feedback from Data Dissemination Forums

Not Anymore Data

Action Plan Long Term Goals

Goal #1 Support for Survivors

Goal #2 Partnering with Community Based Resources

Goal #3 Increasing Programming on Resources

Goal #4 Increasing Programming on Incapacity/Alcohol Facilitated Assaults

Goal #5 Increasing Student Outreach/Training Assessment

Goal #6 Creation of Title IX Student Advisory Board Charged to Assess Action Plan

Goal #6 Increase Social Media Presence

Goal #7 Social Media Policy

Goal #8 Creation of Interactive Resource Website

Goal #9 Increase Awareness Activities

Goal #10 Improve Prevention Programming Based on Climate Survey and Office Data

2017-2018 Action Plan

The Action Plan used an evidence informed model based on climate survey and office data in the development of the action plan and its corresponding goals and activities.