Transgender Nondiscrimination Statement.


Transgender Nondiscrimination Statement

FAQ on the Withdrawal of Federal Guidance on Transgender Students

The University encourages a learning environment in which all of its programs will be free from differences in treatment of persons because of race, creed, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or any category that deprives the person of consideration as an individual. Drew aims to treat all individuals with respect and strives to create an inclusive campus community for all employees, students, and guests. Drew recognizes that among the classifications that deprive an individual are those based on associational gender preferences. The principles of nondiscrimination are expected to be observed in the internal policies and practices of the university; specifically, in the admission, housing, health care, and education of students; in policies governing extracurricular activities; and in the employment of faculty and staff personnel. Drew will work cooperatively with the entire university community in furthering these principles.

Drew University is Committed to the Following:

Drew University celebrates and values the diversity of its students, staff, and faculty and the university will treat all employees and students with respect. The University encourages a learning and working environment free from differences in treatment of persons based on protected classes as defined under federal and state law, including: race, creed, color, national origin, age, ancestry, nationality, marital or domestic partnership or civil union status, sex, religion, gender identity and expression, or sexual orientation, liability for service in the military, and disability. Drew recognizes that among the classifications that can constitute discrimination against an individual, are those based on associational gender preferences. Drew recognizes and values differences between individual’s assigned gender and gender/identity/expression and prohibits discrimination against people on the grounds of transgender, intersex conditions or any process of gender transition begun or complete. Drew works cooperatively with the entire university community in furthering these principles of non-discrimination and encourages anyone experiencing discrimination or having questions to talk to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

  • Transphobic abuse, harassment or bullying (name-calling/derogatory jokes, unacceptable or unwanted behaviour, and intrusive questions) is a serious offense and will be responded to by the Title IX Officer, Community Standards Director, or Human Resources personnel as applicable.
  • Drew will respect the confidentiality and privacy of all *Trans staff, faculty, and students and will not reveal information without the prior agreement of the individual.
  • Drew University welcomes, and will provide, appropriate facilities for Tran’s students and staff upon request, so long as resources are available. Every attempt will be made to give trans students safe and comfortable housing, bathroom, and locker room accessibility. Gender neutral bathrooms are available in all residence halls. In addition, Drew is committed to continuing to work towards creating more inclusive gender neutral bathroom facilities on campus.
  • Drew provides support on a case-by-case basis for students, faculty, and staff and will facilitate student’s unique and tailored requests for: changing of name, gender marker, student ID cards, class rosters, diplomas, and other educational non-legal records. Drew’s aim is to make this process as comfortable and efficient as possible.   Contact the Title IX Coordinator for resources and information. Every effort will be made to protect an individual’s privacy during this process.
  • Drew University will include gender identity awareness activities and trainings in equity and diversity/cultural competency trainings on an ongoing basis for students, faculty, and staff. These activities, workshops, and trainings will be targeted to include but not limited to encouraging Trans-supportive awareness, and policies and procedures in: Admissions, Registrar, Residential Life, Campus Facilities, the Student Health, as well as Fraternities and Sororities and Athletics that incorporate policies and procedures equitably for Trans students.
  • Drew has an LGBTQ advisory board made up of faculty, staff, and students that will annually review and adapt this policy. This board helps advocate for the best interests of transgender students, and continue to help make Drew affirming of and welcoming to transgender students in our policies and procedures. Moreover, this group provides LGBTQ resource professionals that may serve as allies to help students navigate through the process of any related name changes, housing, or educational records requests together with the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Contact information for chairperson LGBTQ advisory board: Steph Mazzarella. Email:

Other Available Resources Include:

Trans* is a term used to include people who identify as non-binary trans as well as transgender, transsexual, trans men, trans women and other identities not itemized.