Title IX Advisors.


Title IX/EEO Advisors

Title IX Advisors/Supporters

Being involved in a Title IX/EEO matter can be stressful, and many people find it helpful to have the support and advice of someone they trust during the process.  Both the Complainant and the Respondent may have one support person present to support and assist them throughout the Complaint process.  This person may accompany them to interview meetings, fact finding interviews, and any meetings or other proceedings related to the Complaint process.

To assist parties in identifying a support person, the Title IX/EEO Coordinator maintains a list of Drew community members who have undergone Title IX/EEO training for advisors and provide support during the process.  These individuals are offered solely as a resource to parties in Title IX and EEO cases, and whether someone wishes to utilize this resource is completely their decision.  Please notify the Title IX/EEO Coordinator if you would like a list of individuals who are trained to provide support during this process.  

The Complainant and the Respondent are not limited in their choice of support person. Support persons may be friends, victim advocates, lawyers, or others.  The support person may not be a party or serve as a witness in the Title IX/EEO matter.

Role of Support Person/Advisor:

A support person is someone who can provide emotional, logistical or other support to a party during the process.  The support person may take notes, help organize documents, or consult with the party in a non-disruptive fashion.

Parties are responsible for presenting their own information, and support persons do not have a speaking role during any meeting during the process. In addition, the University’s communications during the process will be with the party, not with the support person.

A support person may not delay or otherwise interfere with the process and does not provide representation of the party the way an attorney would do in a formal legal proceeding.  A support person’s attendance may be disallowed if such support person’s presence would be obstructive or would otherwise warrant his or her removal. Absent accommodation for disability, the Complainant and the Respondent may not be accompanied by more than one support person or by other individuals during meetings.


Athletic Coaches

Jess Gray has a bachelor of science in exercise sports science from Ursinus and possesses a USA Field Hockey Level 1 Coaches Certification.  She is currently enrolled in a Masters program to earn her MBA from King University.

Maura Ballard is the first head coach of the men’s and women’s golf team.

Student Engagement Staff

Stephanie Pelham is the Director of Residence Life and Student Engagement.
Robbie Armstrong the Coordinator of Residential Engagement for Welch Hall.
Michelle Brisson is the Associate Dean of Student Engagement.
Steph Mazzarella is the Program Coordinator of Student Engagement.


Jill Cermele is a Professor of Psychology.
Erik Anderson is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and ESS.
Wendy Kolmar is a Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies.
Joanna Miller is an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department.
Jinee Lokaneeta’s areas of interest include Law and Violence, Political Theory (Postcolonial, Feminist and Marxist theory), Transnational Law, Jurisprudence, and Cultural Studies.

Advisor Training: Title IX Coordinator Emily Ralph