Student Advisory Board.


Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board

Opportunities for student involvement are critical for establishing a strong student support system on campus. The Board will meet at least once a month with the Title IX Coordinator.

Current Officers

Co Presidents – Cassie Allen and Katie Sparks

Vice President – Paxton Siegal

Secretary – Emma Thomas

PR & Media Management– Camille Wilk

Leadership Role Position Description
President Will coordinate meetings, work directly with the Title IX Coordinator, and oversee all programming.
Vice President Responsible for assisting the President in any tasks and for delegating to other Board members.
Treasurer Responsible for maintaining and record-keeping of the budget and for acquiring outside funds.
Secretary Responsible for taking meeting notes and  consolidating information discussed. Keeping track of contact information from all board members.
PR and Media Management Creating and  updating social media webpages and promoting programs including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Title IX Student Advisory Board Application Form

The Title IX Student Advisory Board will work with the Title IX Committee to establish liaison relationships between students, survivors, staff, faculty and responders. The Board will work with the Title IX Coordinator on establishing prevention programming, awareness, and education.