Baxter Springs, Kansas / Los Angeles, California
Master of Divinity, 3rd year
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Why Drew?
I chose Drew because of its astounding faculty. It has a great academic reputation and offers progressive theological conversation unlike what I might have found elsewhere. Also, I’d never had an East coast living experience and felt drawn to this part of the country. Madison is great place to hide, study, and stay focused. And when it’s time for fun, NYC is just a train ride away.

For what vocation is Drew preparing you?
I am not seeking ordination. I currently hope to land in one of two realms. The first, and most likely, is a new approach to farming and theological understandings of our food—where it comes from and the educational pieces involved in creating systems of folk who take food seriously. Tangibly, what that looks like is some sort of summer program, perhaps one that piggy-backs off of an existing camp or retreat center. However, after taking Dr. Samuel’s class on Death and Dying, I have a new interest in being a Hospice Chaplain. A totally different direction, but I’m open to and excited about both possibilities.

What is your favorite aspect of community life at Drew? I love attending Korean worship services. There is something very freeing about sitting in on worship that you don’t have a language for and trusting that worship is happening. The music is always wonderful and translators are available for the sermon. But I prefer the trust part… the part where I sit like so many others do when they come to this country and have to engage in a language-less environment. And it also reminds me to be more forgiving and less picky with my own theologically-progressive English.

How has Drew impacted your family? I am a single woman. However, living in Drew’s Intentional Community has opened my eyes to what the meanings of “community” and “family” are. During my second year, my community consisted of two men and two women who enjoyed great family-style cooking, rock climbing and being sounding boards for each other regarding the things we learned in our courses. This year, we are three women hosting open-mic night, Korean gatherings and – again – really good food. I never would have envisioned myself as someone who might live in intentional community for good, but that is now a possibility. The majority of the theological processing I do for my class work takes place right at our dinner table.

What advice do you have for prospective Drew students? Bring your own mug to the Cyber Café! We like to save trees around here.

What is your favorite dish served at Drew community meals?
Kimchi. Definitely, kimchi … and cellophane noodle with black mushrooms.