Syracuse, NY
Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work, 2nd year
Seeker of the Sacred

Why Drew?
There are several factors that guided me to seek my graduate degree at Drew. The open, forward-moving, social-justice standard that forms the heart of Drew’s character satisfied my hopes that this experience could be both nourishing and challenging. My relationship with and respect for an Alumna from the Theological School played a significant part in my decision. My current denomination does not require a Masters of Divinity degree for ordination. I am seeking graduate education in pursuit of my goal to become a Board Certified Chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains [A.P.C.], which does insist upon an educated clergy.  Drew’s location was also an advantage. However, the most essential reason I am here at Drew is its theological formation. I was not looking for support of a resolute theology from my past or the uninformed assimilation of another unexamined spirituality. Drew is providing both the challenge and the nourishment I longed for in ways I never expected.

For what vocation is Drew preparing you?
For many years I have been responding to God’s call to the field of Health Care Chaplaincy. Since beginning a volunteer position with the Spiritual Care Department of a central New York hospital in 2001, my passion to continue my education and increase my skills has supported my enthusiastic commitment to Chaplaincy. After completing my second 400-hour unit of CPE while here at Drew, my calling has been affirmed and my vocation is more realistic and achievable. I am delighted and honored to be working on my MDiv/MSW degree here at Drew, and look forward to the many ways my experience here will edify and enlighten my service to God’s people in our ever-changing community.

What is your most memorable Drew moment?
Many of the memorable events that I have experienced at Drew have centered on the classroom and the worship we share in Craig Chapel. One particularly memorable event that stands out in my mind is the day that our class signed the Matriculation Book. The rich tradition and deep meaning of that event connected my presence at Drew with the lives of so many who have come before and left a profound imprint on our world. As the last class to be welcomed by Dean Maxine Beach prior to her retirement, the synchronicity of her presence with our large and diverse group is full of wonder. It is yet to be seen (but perfectly on track) how my signature in the Matriculation Book will grow to be a purposeful and effective mark in Drew’s her-story.

How will you have changed when you graduate from Drew?
In order to envision how I will have changed at graduation, I would need to claim that I could have forecasted the compelling changes I have already witnessed in myself. The positive impact that the Drew experience has provided to my body, soul, spirit, and mind over these first three semesters is beyond all expectation and imagination. I am eager to see the many ways that the growth I have encountered thus far will continue to expand and empower my life, long into the future.

What is your favorite aspect of community life at Drew?
My favorite aspect of community life at Drew is the powerful way that it extends beyond our campus, and is in fact inclusive of all creation. Global perspective and potential impact are foundational to the understanding of identity for those of us at Drew, and are woven into the fabric of our diverse and united lives. Mutual respect and accountability are vital life-giving aspects of the character that shines brightly within the community we participate in while studying at Drew and are formative to our lives within the greater global community we will serve in the future.

What advice do you have for prospective Drew students?
Come. Grow. Change the world.

What is your favorite dish served at Drew community meals?
Plantains with rice and beans.