Dover, NJ
Master of Divinity, 1st year
United Methodist

Why Drew?
I chose Drew not only because of its affiliation with the United Methodist Church, but because it is known to be one of the most progressive Theological Schools in the Northeast.

For what vocation is Drew preparing you?
Drew is preparing me for ordained ministry as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church.  My passion is for children and youth.  I hope to complete my M. Div. work here at Drew University and later complete the M.S.W. program at Monmouth University.

What do you bring to Drew?
Having been born and raised in NYC, I was exposed to a diverse community of persons.  Like Drew, I value diversity very much.  I believe I bring to Drew a supportive, affirming stance on diversity.  I am of Puerto Rican descent and while I am proud of my Hispanic heritage, I embrace people of all different races, cultures and creeds.

What is your most memorable Drew moment?
My most memorable moment at Drew was our closing exercise of orientation.  We gathered outside on the grassy lawn in a large circle.  Utilizing one word adjectives, we took some time to reflect our feelings of what we had experienced during orientation week.  It was a wonderful exchange with my fellow classmates and a moment I shall not ever forget.

How will you have changed when you graduate from Drew?
At this point, it is hard to predict how I may change after graduating.  However, I am sure I will change.  I am being challenged academically and already feel my theology being stretched.  It is an exhilarating and frightening experience all at once!

What is your favorite aspect of community life at Drew?
My favorite aspect of Drew is the diverse community found here.  I enjoy the interactions I experience with classmates, as well as, with the professors.  The community here is so warm and welcoming.  It is a true blessing to be a member of Drew Theological School.