Mount Vernon, NY
Master of Divinity, 2nd year
United Methodist

Why Drew?
Since I am a United Methodist, I wanted to attend a university that had a strong affiliation with the United Methodist Church and the Wesleyan tradition. The courses offered, Supervised Ministry program, cross-culture experience, and the Clinical Pastoral Education program led me to believe that I would receive a well rounded experience at Drew.

What do you bring to Drew?
I bring to Drew a history of academic and professional accomplishments. I have many years of administrative and supervisory experience. My leadership ability has enabled me to be successful in building and sustaining capacity. This became evident in my role as the founding principal of a New York City Public High School.

What is your most memorable Drew moment?
My most memorable moment at Drew was when I entered Craig Chapel on the first day that I arrived for orientation. I overheard someone saying that the Chapel was on the second floor, so I ventured upward. The Chapel was so warm and inviting. I took a seat and then the tears begin to flow.  I knew at that moment that God had led me to Drew, and I was where God wanted me to be. I felt a sense of relief because I knew that I would and could not travel this journey on my own. God was going to be in the midst. I gave God all the praises and thanks on that special day.

How will you have changed when you graduate from Drew?
When I graduate from Drew, I will have a deeper understanding of my faith and the confidence to express that to others.  I will have discerned a path of ministry.  I will have also acquired life-long skills of spiritual formation, and my desire to be a servant leader will have deepened.

What is your favorite aspect of community life at Drew?
I enjoy our community meals. We have an opportunity to relax, exhale, and share in some great conversation.  It’s important to connect with your cohort because after the first year we are scattered in different classes pursuing our individual areas of interest. A community meal provides us with the opportunity to reconnect.

What advice do you have for prospective Drew students?
Enter Drew with an open mind and open heart; be receptive to a learning and communal environment that is geared to preparing students for ministry in a time such as this. Drew empowers students to embrace inclusiveness in language, ethnicity, and gender. Everyone is included. All are welcome and prepared to go and serve in the ministry to which one has been called.