Ridgefield Park, NJ
Master of Divinity, 2nd year
United Methodist

Why Drew?
Initially, I wanted to attend a school nearby the church I currently serve; however, I discovered quickly that I loved the community environment and strong academic curriculum.

What do you bring to Drew?
I bring to Drew the perspective and eyes of a 2nd generation Korean-American who is grappling with theological, cultural, sociological, psychological questions of identity with self and with community.

How will you have changed when you graduate from Drew?
In so many ways! More than anything, I will have a defining set of tools that will prepare me for ministry and prepare me to engage world issues with care and responsibility.

How has Drew impacted your family?
My father earned his M.Div. at Drew back in ’96. Drew has expanded and deepened our father/daughter relationship; we are able to talk on a different platform than prior to my education here. It has been a journey of discovery sharing in dialogue about what excites us and yet challenges us the most about theology and ministry.