Atlantic City, NJ/Arecibo, PR
Master of Divinity, 2nd year
United Methodist

Why Drew? Drew Theological School has been part of the tradition of my home church for preparing effective leaders in different areas of ministry. I was encouraged to seek more information and I found that Drew believes in community, family, and relationship building and nurturing. Their credentials are impeccable and their commitment to academic excellence is widely recognized.

How will you have changed when you graduate from Drew?
I will be more aware of others’ realities; l will have learned to see the world and the different paths of life through the eyes of many people different than me. I will be more capable of understanding that my concept of “truth” is relative to my own circumstances and can be challenged and even changed by new knowledge. I gained a better understanding of how social issues relate to religious and theological views. I also learned that in order to become instruments of change we need to think out of the box, leave our comfort zones, and be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when we stand up for what we believe.

What is your favorite aspect of community life at Drew? Community life at Drew is being a part of a large multicolored, multi-flavored and diverse family. We get to know almost everyone in the seminary community as we interact in one way or another. As future ministers, scholars, and leaders we find spiritual, emotional, and academic support by reaching out to the members of this community. We definitely have something for everyone and we definitely enjoy sharing it.

How has Drew impacted your family? I found a new meaning for the phrase “no one is left behind” at Drew. The Drew community is very intentional about teaching us to give priority to our immediate families and our own health. Thanks to that philosophy I understood that our ministries begin at home and we have to take care of family and ourselves first. Life at Drew has allowed me to spend more time with my child and see him grow as I also grow in my goals and my ministry.

What advice do you have for prospective Drew students? Firmly believe in having open hearts and open minds. Drew Theological School is a unique setting in which all our beliefs, thoughts, views and even ourselves will be challenged in various ways. This will definitely be one of the most enriching experiences future religious leaders may have and should treasure—not only because of the way it shapes their lives but also the lives of those that come in contact with them during their daily journey. At the end this will provide them with the knowledge and authority to truly have open doors.