Allison Delcalzo

Master of Arts, 2nd year

“I chose Drew because I have key faculty members and resources at my disposal, including interesting and dynamic visiting faculty and guest speakers. In addition there are exciting opportunities for growth, activism, and community building as well as an environment that furthers the experience necessary to grow in my field of religion and gender studies.”

Amarilys Gonzalez

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“Drew Theological School is a unique setting in which all our beliefs, thoughts, views and even ourselves will be challenged in various ways. This will definitely be one of the most enriching experiences future religious leaders may have and should treasure—not only because of the way it shapes their lives but also the lives of those that come in contact with them during their daily journey.”

Brian Tipton

Master of Arts, 2nd year

“Drew is helping me shape my own strong foundation within biblical studies so that some day in the distant future, after completion of my doctoral work, I will be able to shape the minds of students much like myself and my colleagues. I am being shaped as an academic scholar, theologian, and teacher all at once.”

Claire Saunders

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“My favorite aspect of the Drew community is the fact that it allows me to bring my own personality to the table. It is not a community in which I feel that I must change and morph myself into some pre-existing mold. I am encouraged to bring my own life experiences and opinions to the group and the community readily accepts me.”

Joshua Clough

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“I decided on the M.Div. because I believed it would help my research interests on church activism and civic engagement. However, my seminary experience has become a type of reclamation process, wherein I am discovering the breadth of religious traditions and the intricate beauties within each. My study is no longer merely intellectual, but rather a holistic endeavor of mind, body, and spirit.”

Katrina Walk

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“At Drew, the unthinkable is often the appreciated question. I have learned that our questions speak more about our hearts and spirits than the answers do, and I now know and believe that every child of God deserves to have those questions met with sincerity and correct information. In whatever capacity I serve, this knowledge will always stay with me.”

Kirk Johnson

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright preaching at Craig Chapel was a great experience. Rev. Wright is well known as President Barack Obama’s former pastor. His “controversial” sermon made him revered and despised by many. However, when I saw the person behind the media, he promoted equality and social justice for the oppressed and forgotten. It taught me that you cannot fully understand someone’s character until you personally meet them face to face.”

Kyo Rye (Kelly) Lee

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“My father earned his M.Div. at Drew back in ’96. Drew has expanded and deepened our father/daughter relationship; we are able to talk on a different platform than prior to my education here. It has been a journey of discovery sharing in dialogue about what excites us and yet challenges us the most about theology and ministry.”

Lakesha Groover

Master of Divinity, 1st year

“Drew is academically challenging, yet spiritually stimulating. Drew’s population, both student and faculty, is diverse and yet still feels like a united community. I love that we get to discuss deep theological theories and challenging biblical texts in class, and through other opportunities in the community, students are given the chance to engage in discussions about how to practically apply what we are learning and experiencing.”

Lindsey Duckers

Master of Arts, 1st year

“I picked Drew because it offers intensive religious education without ordination. It also helped me concentrate more on inter-faith dialogue between Judaism and Christianity. Drew helps you prepare for the world of doctoral work. Drew over all was my choice because I loved the students, staff, and faculty.”

Maxine Harris

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“I arrived for orientation. I overheard someone saying that the Chapel was on the second floor, so I ventured upward. The Chapel was so warm and inviting. I took a seat and then the tears begin to flow. I knew at that moment that God had led me to Drew, and I was where God wanted me to be.”

Melissa A. Rivera

Master of Divinity, 1st year

“Like Drew, I value diversity very much. I believe I bring to Drew a supportive, affirming stance on diversity. I am of Puerto Rican descent and while I am proud of my Hispanic heritage, I embrace people of all different races, cultures and creeds.”

Miran Jeon

Master of Divinity, 2nd year

“Drew is eager to support you to be wonderful leaders in church and society in global contexts. Thus, I suggest you to be ready for new possibilities and new approaches to understand the Bible and Christian faith. The approaches would not be familiar to you, but it would expand you as global leaders.”

Peg Burbank

Master of Divinity/ Master of Social Work, 2nd year

“My favorite aspect of community life at Drew is the powerful way that it extends beyond our campus, and is in fact inclusive of all creation. Global perspective and potential impact are foundational to the understanding of identity for those of us at Drew, and are woven into the fabric of our diverse and united lives.”

Steven Masters

Master of Arts, 2nd year

“I wanted to explore the field of religion and ecology. Drs. Kearns and Keller are leading scholars in the field, and they have helped me explore my research interests. Additionally, the M.A. program has allowed me the freedom to work with my advisor, Dr. Kearns, to pick classes that increase the breadth and depth of my studies. Drew has prepared me well for further academic study at the Ph.D. level.”

Summer Kemp

Master of Divinity, 3rd year

“Living in Drew’s Intentional Community has opened my eyes to what the meanings of “community” and “family” are. During my second year, my community consisted of two men and two women who enjoyed great family-style cooking, rock climbing and being sounding boards for each other regarding the things we learned in our courses. This year, we are three women hosting open-mike night, Korean gatherings and – again – really good food.”