Missional Church in a Global World: A Future Church Study for Pastors in Korea

Missional Churchin a Global World
Hansung Kim
Associate Pastor, Hi-gibbum Church, Seoul, Korea
“The team of faculty leading this program makes it as grounded in Biblical studies as it is rich in practical guidance for ministry – all with an eye to the future. I’ve learned how to see the Bible as a whole and better interpret it in 21st century language and imagery.”
Senngmo Ko
Senior Pastor, HamAhn Central Methodist Church, Gyung Nam Province, Korea
“For years I had heard about Drew from alumni and teachers back in Korea. Now that I am here, as I walk around campus, I understand why they speak so fondly of Drew and feel that I have become part of the story of this place.”

A Future Church Study with Leonard Sweet for Pastors in Korea

The Doctor of Ministry Program at Drew is pleased to announce a new concentration for pastors and church leaders in the Korean context! Participants will work in an academic and mentoring relationship with Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dr. Younglae Kim, and Dr. Byoungho Zoh to review, reform, and revision, a style and approach to ministry for the coming global awakening of a New Church. Through three online courses candidates will be exposed to cutting edge thinking on transformation of the church. New ways of organizing the candidates’ learning experience will be led Dr. Sweet who will mentor their journey throughout their degree program. He will be joined by a core faculty cognizant of both the Korean church context and the global missional church. Instruction will be given in Korean, or English with Korean translation.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Leonard Sweet is author of more than two hundred articles, 1000 published sermons and almost fifty books. Dr. Sweet often appears on the “50 Most Influential Christians in America” list, and in 2010 was selected by the top non-English Christian website as one of the “Top 10 Influential Christians of 2010:” http://www.christiantelegraph.com/issue11870.html. His popular weekly podcast called “Napkin Scribbles” is widely used and quoted. Dr. Sweet’s microblogs on twitter and facebook are ranked as some of the most influential social media sites in the world. Dr. Sweet often  uses two words to describe himself: semiotician and interstitial. In other words, he is obsessed with two questions: “Where have you been?” and “Where are you going?”

Dr. Byoungho Zoh, a.k.a. ‘Dr. of Tong,’ created the Tong (통:通-pass through, communicate) method of studying the Bible, an approach that fuses rationality and sentimentality as well as the cultures of the East and the West together. He holds a PhD in Historical Theology from the University of Birmingham, UK, and is the President of Bible TongdokWon, an educational institution for studying the Word of God. He contributed his article ‘Studentische Missionsbewegung’ to the Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart in 2004, and chaired the ‘21st Century Future Church Conference: The Companionship of the East & the West’ for 10,000 ministers in 2007. In 2008, he acted as the co-representative of the ‘ReOrientation thru the Bible’ Seoul Declaration of 140 Korean Theologians. His publications of more than 30 books include Bible Tongdok and The Rise and Fall of the Five Empires in the Bible.

Younglae Kim, scholar, preacher, educationist, and global connector. His education includes an M.Div. from the Theological School at Drew University, an S.T.M. degree at Yale University, and his Ph.D. at Columbia University. Currently he is teaching at Methodist Theological University, Seoul, Korea as Professor of Christian Education. He is a board member of SpiritVenture Ministries and heads up SpiritVenture Ministries Korea and also the CLO (Creative Link Organizer) of Jesus Link Global. With these ministries, he is trying to relocate and exchange the gifts and grace of Christian workers globally in order to be God’s instruments for God’s global mission. He has translated several of Dr. Leonard Sweet’s books into Korean and is writing books and doing public lectures both in Asia and in North America on the Future Church and Education.

General Requirements for this program will be available soon.