The Theological School of Drew University employs the following template to discern whether an applicant who does not currently hold an accredited MDiv degree has met the minimum number of master’s-level courses and hours to qualify for MDiv equivalency.

To be considered for MDiv equivalency in Drew’s Doctor of Ministry Program an applicant must have earned at least 72 master’s-level credit hours.

Additionally, instruction in the following areas must constitute part of that 72 hours:

  •  Bible -6 hours (2 courses) distributed as follows:
    • 3 hours in Introduction to New Testament
    • 3 hours in Introduction to Old Testament
  • Theology -6 hours (2 courses)
    • 3 hours in Intro. to Systematic Theology
    • 3 hours in Systematic theology or an elective
  • Pastoral Care – 3 hours (1 course)
  • Church History -3 hours (1 course)
  • Ethics – 3 hours (1 course)
  • Supervised Ministry/CPE/Clinical Supervision – 3 hours (1 course)
  • Homiletics/Christian Worship/Liturgics – 3 hours (1 course)
  • Christian Education – 3 hours (1 course)

The remaining 42 hours should be in courses appropriate to an MDiv degree.  Attention will be given to advanced studies relevant to a practice of ministry.

Persons who have already earned a non-Theological Masters degree, but want to be considered for the DMin program at Drew University should consider taking the Basic Graduate Theological Studies courses to supplement their application.

Any waiver of the three-year requirement for post-MDiv full time ministry will be considered on a case by case basis separately from the issue of academic equivalence.