Theological: The Minister in the Mirrorjtodd
Dr. Terry Todd, Associate Professor of American Religious Studies

What does the Christian minister look and act like in the mirror of novels, TV, movies, and other forms of mass culture?  What can fictional and non-fictional representations tell us about a minister’s role in churches and in the larger society? Why are ministers sometimes valued positively, and at other times presented as irrelevant, or worse, as objects of satire and scorn?  How do gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and denominational identity figure in these cultural representations?  This Seminary Saturday session examines these and other questions with the goal of helping ministers and interested laypeople better understand the development of the ministry as a profession, especially within U.S. contexts.   By glancing in the rearview mirror of the recent past, this session is intended to foster constructive reflection on the challenge of doing ministry in rapidly changing cultural landscapes.

Spirituality: Prayerfulness
Cynthia Bailey Manns, Spiritual Director and Coordinator of the Spiritual Formation Certification Program

Robert Wicks reminds us that, “Prayerfulness, is about the most basic wish God has for us: to live fully. Yet, at times we all wear a set of spiritual blinders that can be hurtful to others and ourselves. “Using Wick’s book, Prayerfulness: Awakening to the Fullness of Life, we will explore how to bring more prayerfulness into our daily life experiences as our inner formation is cultivated through spiritual mindfulness.