Theological: The Bullet and the Biblengwa-pic
Dr. Kenneth Ngwa, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible

The ultimate expression of sovereignty resides, to a large degree, in the power and capacity to dictate who may live and who must die.” So writes the political theorist, Achille Mbembe, defining what he calls necropolitics. What does it mean to think of God as the creator of life in a time when humankind has developed the ability to practice, oftentimes with little sense of remorse or apprehension, the act of necropolitics – determining on a daily basis who may live and who must die? The seminar will focus on the interpretive relations between two key tools of necropolitics: the gun and the Bible. As symbols of power, the Bible and the gun enable their users to claim and deploy specific forms of authority to determine, regulate, or tragically exterminate the very character and structure of human existence, life itself, lived out within histories, cultures, and policies that have identifiable economic, political, and spiritual practices and legacies.

Spirituality: Health, Healing, & Wholeness: Spirit Included
Sherri Shumate, Adjunct Instructor of Christian Education

This course is an exploration of theories and practices for lifelong physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Together learners will discover, reflect, and wonder about the power of the mind, body, and spirit to strive for health, healing, and wholeness in the midst of the challenges, stress, and brokenness in our lives. We will examine our ideas about health, healing and wholeness. We will use the gifts of our bodies as a tool for insight and healing, and we will create transformational, intergenerational spiritual partnerships. Using discussions and experiential group encounters, this course is designed to inspire ministers and faith communities to create spiritual experiences as a path to wholeness for ourselves, our families, our congregations, and our world.

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