Theological: Unlocking the Treasures of the Old Testament Apocrypha
The Rev. Robert Corin Morris, S.T.B, D.D., Founder of Interweave, Summit, NJ

Women who save Israel from its enemies! A young man who faces down demons to win the maiden! Valiant warriors who resist persecution and win freedom!  Cosmic hymns to the Divine feminine! All this and much more in this whirlwind tour of the books of the Old Testament’s “second canon” or “apocrypha.”  Not a part of most Protestant Bibles but include in the Greek version of the Hebrew Bible used by most early Christians (as well as the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Bibles), this treasure trove of early Jewish writings is an important source of many ideas in the New Testament—resurrection, martyrdom, angels, prayers for the departed. We’ll read selected texts that illustrate important inter-testamental themes and explore their relevance for contemporary spiritual life.

Robert Morris is founder of Interweave, an interdisciplinary and interfaith adult education center at Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit, N.J.  An Episcopal priest and community educator, he is the author of three books, Wrestling with Grace, Suffering and the Courage of God, and Provocative Grace: The Challenge in Jesus’ Words.  A regular contributor to the Upper Room’s Weavings: A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life, he is also a trained spiritual director.


Spirituality: Relationships: Practicing the Christian Virtues of Kindness & Humility
Gina C. Jacobs-Strain, Interim Pastor / Assoc. Regional Pastor for ABC-NJ, Interim Pastor for St. Paul Baptist Church (Atlantic Highlands, NJ); Assoc. Regional Pastor for Women in Ministry for American Baptist Churches of NJ; Assoc. Pastor of Christian Ed. for St. Paul Baptist Church ( Montclair, NJ); Chair, Developmental Education, Nyack College

As servant leaders it is essential that we are intentional about our personal relationship with God. Through gifts of grace and the practice of spiritual disciplines we are able to continue to grow and deepen our vertical relationship.  Yet it is when we practice the gifts of grace, taking our vertical understanding and relationship horizontal that sincere commitment to humility and kindness is required. In this seminar we will discuss the practical aspects and the necessity to extend humility and kindness in our relationships within our varied communities of church, family, and co-workers.

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