Theological: Sexuality, Youth, and Faith: Starting a ConversationKate Ott
Kate Ott, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics

In media or at the playground, our youth learn a lot about sexuality, but very little of this information reflects our faith values.  In this workshop, we will review the research on effect forms of sexuality education (include sexual abuse prevention) offered in faith communities.  With this foundation, we will develop plans for how to more effectively teach sexuality education from Sunday School contexts to youth group, from worship to congregational policies. This is a hands-on workshop where we will learn a variety of sexuality education techniques across age groups and adapt them to fit our various contexts.



Spirituality: Spirituality and Aging
Sherri Shumate, Adjunct Instructor of Christian Education

This course is an introductory exploration of spirituality and aging. Together learners will discover, reflect, and wonder about spirituality, life, and death through the perspective of older adults. This course explores ways the local church can recognize and nurture spiritual gifts of people at all ages, listen to and learn from the wisdom of our elders, and create transformational, intergenerational faith experiences. Learners will also explore practices for ministry with older adults who have dementia, are home bound, and/or are hospitalized. Using discussions and experiential group encounters, this course is designed to inspire faith communities to become places that celebrate, empower, and nurture older adults in living and dying with dignity, respect, and grace.

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