Mary Magdalene, Understood
Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre, Associate Professor of New TestamentMelanie-JD-IMG_4648-263x300

In The Da Vinci Code, she is a wife and mother, in European art she is a repentant prostitute, in the Bible and ancient literature she is a close companion of Jesus, apostle to the apostles, and mystical visionary. Will the real Mary Magdalene please step forward? Would we recognize her if she did? In this workshop we will learn about the variety of texts and images that have invented and reinvented Mary for generations. We will consider how Mary has been “good to think with” about women, sin, sex, Jesus’ humanity, repentance, and religious knowledge, and ask what difference it makes, especially for theology and spirituality, how Christians have remembered her.


Ministerial Self-Compassion
Cynthia Bailey Manns, Spiritual Director and Coordinator of the Spiritual Formation Certification Program  

As individuals who are called to serve others with compassion through a variety of ministries, many times we are not intentional about extending the same compassion to ourselves.  Ministerial self-compassion is critical to sustaining our ability to be present and available to others and God.  Loving ourselves, forgiving ourselves, and acknowledging our pain are some of the spiritual disciplines we will explore which will help us be as compassionate with ourselves as we are with others.

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