Theological: Esther, Ishtar, & Easter, or Scripture, Satire, & Survivalfewell
Dr. Danna Nolan Fewell, Professor of Hebrew Bible

The book Esther is an oddity in our biblical library. God is never mentioned, the main character is a woman with suspiciously mythological characteristics, and the story world is riddled with gross exaggeration, parody, and ironic reversals too tidy to be credible. What is this book doing in our Bible? What are we supposed to do with it? And why in the world should we be reading it during the Easter season?

Spirituality: The Labyrinth as Spiritual Practice
Wendy Abrahamson, Spiritual Director and Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Florham Park, NJ

A spiritual practice is a personal journey that draws us inward beyond our senses to transformation of mind, body and soul as we connect more clearly with the Divine, ourselves and our community.  The labyrinth as spiritual practice draws upon the use of movement through walking or tracing the path with one’s finger as one journeys to the center and back out again. In this Saturday Seminar we will look at the history of the labyrinth, its uses for meditation and transformation and will learn to draw a seven-circuit labyrinth.  A walking path and finger labyrinths will be available to participants for exploring the practice for themselves.

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