Theological: Living in Solidarity with the Poor: Theologies of Downward Mobility boesel
Dr. Chris Boesel, Associate Professor of Christian Theology

In this seminar, we will look at examples of communities that have and are attempting to live lives of intentional downward mobility as a faithful response to the gospel of Jesus Christ – e.g., Sojourners, The Simple Way. We will look at the theologies and experiences that inform this faith commitment, attempt to assess the promise, challenges and limits of such a commitment, and consider the faithfulness, relevance and viability of such a commitment in our own contexts.

Spirituality: Soaking Prayer Ministry
Rev. Dr. Stafford Jonathan Miller, Pastor, St. John’s United Methodist Church, Mt. Zion-Wesley United Methodist Church

Today’s demanding culture constantly pulls us away from a place of peace and contemplation. God longs to lead us beside still waters, where we can find rest for our souls. Throughout Scripture, the call is given to God’s children to “be still and know that I am God.” It is from this call that the tradition of soaking prayer grows. In Soaking Prayer, time is made to rest and be in God’s Presence. There is no striving towards any end, but merely resting in God’s love and opening up in openness to this love. The key to Soaking Prayer is Intimacy. There is a deep need in every one of us to be known and loved by God. We know God in many ways. Most are familiar with theology that is an intellectual knowledge of God’s character as revealed in the Bible. However, there is another way of knowing, as lived through experiences.

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