General Information

What is the Community Fellows Program?

Drew Theological School welcomes men and women of all ages and interests to study religion, theology, ethics, and related disciplines as part of its Community Fellows Program.

This non-credit educational venture brings people from every walk of life into Drew classrooms to learn, explore, study, and ponder great questions from a religious and theological perspective.

Community Fellows participate in classes with theological students preparing for ministry and enrich classrooms with their perspectives and experiences. They study theological texts, participate in discussions, and fully engage with students, other fellows, and Drew faculty.

Who Should Participate?

The Community Fellows program is open to all, from people grounded in their faith and committed to a religious institution to those who are beginning a spiritual exploration. Fellows from any religious community will find abiding respect because Drew already welcomes students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and traditions.

Who are the Faculty?

ElkinsDrew faculty are among the nation’s most noted scholars and inspiring teachers. They share an ecumenical outlook and emphasize the strength that faith can bring to life.

While the faculty challenge students and fellows, they create a safe place in which to search for answers and test new understandings.

Their openness to students has led Drew graduates to acknowledge them as the major influence in their spiritual formation.

What do Community Fellows Say About the Program?

Student Under TreeCommunity Fellows forge ties with students, other fellows, and professors. In class and out, exchanges may match a young Seminarian from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with a cardiologist from New Jersey or generate a discussion among a student pastor from rural Pennsylvania, a retired executive, a homemaker, and a professor.

The Drew community is diverse — representing different religious traditions, ages, and ethnicities — bound by a desire to explore through the quality theological education Drew offers.

Maxine Clarke Beach

Former Dean, Drew Theological School

“Community Fellows are a welcome addition to our classes. Not only is their desire to learn an inspiration, but also they bring a new perspective to the education of theological students. Educating future church leaders in the same classroom as those to whom they will minister creates a unique and quality learning experience seldom available.”

Virginia Burrus

Professor of Early Church History

“It is especially exciting to have Community Fellows in the classroom not just because they are bright, motivated, experienced individuals, but also because they remind all of us what a privilege it is to be studying together. For the Community Fellows are here not to earn grades or degrees but for one reason only, out of sheer desire to learn.”

Franklyn Rodgers

Community Fellow

After 34 years in the publishing world in New York, I have discovered the joys of continuing education by taking classes at Drew Theological School. I loved publishing, but I had a hunger to explore some new subjects in an exciting environment. The Community Fellows program has given me that opportunity. I have already taken three courses and plan to do more. It is such a blessing to have an outstanding educational institution in our midst and one that welcomes community involvement.”

Enrollment and Costs

What are the Costs and Registration Requirements?

To enroll in the program, new fellows complete a brief, one-time application process through the Office of Theological Admissions. After completing the admissions process, students fill out a Community Fellows Registration Form available with a list of courses set aside for fellows. Registration Forms are available from the Office of the Academic Associate Dean in the Theological School. Enrollment costs $100 per credit; Drew usually offers three-credit courses.

Q: How do I apply for the Community Fellows Program? A: To enter the Community Fellows Program, you must complete a one-time admissions process.

  1. Complete a Theological School Non-Degree Application in one of two ways:
  2. Interview with the Director of Lifelong Learning of Drew Theological School.

Once completed, return paper applications and the $35 fee to the Theological Admissions Office. If you are admitted, a letter and Intent to Accept form will be mailed to you. Applicants must return the Intent to Accept form before registering for classes.

Student & TeacherQ: What classes offered by the Theological School are open to Community Fellows?

A: Each semester, Theological School classes open to Community Fellows are published on this website.  However, classes are available on a first come first served basis. Once a class is full, it is possible that you will not be able to register for it.

Q: What is the cost for taking a class through the Community Fellows Program?

A: Community Fellows pay $100 per credit and most classes are three credits.

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Once you have accepted your admission by returning the intent to accept form, you are able to register for  Unless otherwise noted, mail your check (typically $300) and course registration form to:

  • Drew Theological School
  • Center for Lifelong Learning
  • 36 Madison Avenue
  • Madison, NJ 07940.

Course registration forms are available from the Center for Lifelong Learning (973/408-3084) or as a pdf: COMMUNITY FELLOWS COURSE REGISTRATION FORM.

Q: If I skip a semester, do I need to go through the admissions process again?

A: No. After the one time admissions process, you can register for classes during any semester.



What Courses are Currently Offered for Community Fellows?

Fall 2014:

10063- BBST 548- M Readings in the Greek New Testament
Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
Mondays, 12:15-1:30 pm
10837-BBST-677-T Studies in Pauline Literature
Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
PREP Course at NOrthern State Prison – MALE STUDENTS ONLY
Mondays 3:30-7:00 pm
10072-BBST-501-BD Biblical Literature 1: Torah, Prophets, Writings
Danna Nolan Fewell
Tuesday/Thursday, 9:00-11:30 am
10068-BBST-515-M Exegetical Skills 1
Shadi Halabi
Tuesdays, 4:30-5:45 pm
10068-BBST-515-R Exegetical Skills 1
Amy Jean Chase
Wednesdays 7:15-8:45 pm
10069-BBST-520-M Sacred Conversations: Teaching the Bible
Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
Tuesdays, 1:45-4:15 pm
10070-BBST653-K Studies in the Writings: Interpreting Haggai
Kenneth Ngwa
Tuesdays, 1:45-4:15 pm
10066-BBST-501-LN Biblical Literature 1: Torah, Prophets, Writings
Kenneth Ngwa
Monday, Wednesday, 5:00-7:00 pm
10077-BBST-652-J Studies in the Former Prophets: Books of Samuel and Politics of Representation
Danna Nolan Fewell
Wednesdays, 1:45-4:15 pm
100-79-BBST-541-C Beginning Hebrew
Dong Sung Kim
Wednesday, Friday, 9:25-10:40 am
10071-BBST-659-Q Warriors, Wives, and Wenches: Women in Antiquity
Althea Spencer-Miller
Tuesdays, 7:15-9:45 pm
10054-CHST-502-AC Church History 1
Kevin Newburgh
Wednesday, Friday, 8:30-10:40 am
10125-PSTH-613-O Topics in Preaching and Worship
Mark Miller
Thursday, 4:30-7:00 pm
10083-PSTH-527-R Family Stories and Ministry
Angella Son
Wednesday, 7:15-9:45 pm
10126-PSTH-621-K Sacred Songs and Social Justice
Mark Miller
Thursday, 1:45-3:45 pm
10082-PSTH-640-X Spirituality of Joy (1-week intensive)
Angella Son
October 20-24, 9:00-4:00 pm
10080-CSOC-500-Q Religion and Social Process
Elias Ortega-Aponte
Tuesday, 7:15-9:45 pm
10085-RLSC-780-N Intercultural Ethics and Conflicts
Traci West
Thursday, 4:30-7:00 pm
10086-RLSC-749-O Sexual Ethics
Traci West
Thursday, 4:30-7:00 pm
10088-CSOC-543-K U.S. Religious Landscape
Laurel Kearns
Tuesday, 4:30-7:00 pm
10089-CSOC-528-K Topics in Church and Society
Laurel Kearns
Tuesday, 1:45-4:15 pm
10098-TPHL-501-M Systematic Theology
Catherine Keller
Tuesday, 4:30-7:00 pm
10092-TPHL-640-O Election, Salvation and the Other
Chris Boesel
Thursdays, 4:30-7:00 pm
10103-THPL-508-R The Challenge of World Religions for Christian Faith and Practice
Hyo-Dong Lee
Wednesday, 7:15-9:45 pm

Community Fellows who are interested in other courses offered should contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Morris Davis, at or (973) 408-3647.


Once you have been accepted into the program, you can register for Community Fellows courses by downloading and printing out the registration form. The form is available as an Adobe Acrobat file. You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader program to view and print the file.

More Info

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

For more information about the Community Fellows Program, contact:

Amy Jones
Drew Theological School
Madison NJ 07940
Phone: 973/408-3084

For more information about Admissions, contact:

Office of Theological Admissions
Drew University
Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: 973/408-3111
Fax: 973/408-3242

For more information about Registration, contact:

Nancy VanderVeen
Director of Lifelong Learning
Drew Theological School
Madison NJ 07940
Phone: 973/408-3084