Beyond Bulletins and Powerpoint: Art and Worship in a Visual Culture

Eric Valosin, M.F.A., Multimedia Artist: Coordinator of Fine Art Initiatives, Gravity, Inc.; Fine Arts Instructor, The Collective Art Tank, Asbury Park, NJ 
Time:  9:30 am – 12:00 noon
Location: Seminary Hall, Room 210

Can God be glorified by ClipArt? Perhaps, but what if art had the power to transform more than just our bulletin covers? What if our worship experience could be made richer, deeper, more enlivened and awakened, and even more culturally relevant at that? What if congregations and faith communities could be made to come alive and reach out in new ways? What if everything we needed was already at our fingertips? For thousands of years art has been an integral part of the spiritual experience, yet so often our faith communities today suffer from a severely impoverished sense of artistry. Through lecture, discussion, and hands-on experimentation, this class will mend the schism separating the art world from church congregations, and provide practical strategies for revitalizing our use of art in worship. Learn how to creatively connect with the Creator God, tapping into the true potential of the arts in worship.

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