Intentional Intergenerational Ministry

Sherri Shumate, Adjunct Instructor of Christian Education
Time:  9:30 am – 12:00 noon
Location: Seminary Hall, Room 210

In many churches, programs are grouped by age and interest (children’s ministry, singles ministry, older adult ministry, etc.) This course will explore the opportunities and possibilities for intentional, intergenerational ministries. We need each other and the gifts, wisdom, and insights, of different ages, interests, and seasons. This course will explore ways to reclaim intentional, intergenerational community in worship and educational ministries. Together learners will discover, reflect, and wonder about ways the local church can recognize and nurture spiritual gifts of people at all ages. We will
learn strategies for facilitating sacred communities that listen to and learn from one another and for creating transformational, intergenerational faith experiences. Using discussions and experiential group encounters, this course is designed to inspire faith communities to become places that celebrate, empower, and nurture all God’s children in living, learning, and experiencing God together.

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