Biblical Studies & Early Christianity

Danna Nolan Fewell
-Professor of Hebrew Bible
-Ph.D., Emory University
Professor Fewell’s teaching and research focus on biblical narrative with special attention to constructions of gender, ethnicity, social roles, social trauma, and communal identity; on the ethics of reading; on the Bible and artistic imagination; and on
post-Holocaust biblical interpretation.
Sem. 24 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3543
Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
-Associate Professor of New Testament
-Th.D., Harvard Divinity School
Professor Johnson-DeBaufre’s teaching and research interests include: traditions of the earliest “Christianities” (historical Jesus, Q, Pauline communities) in the context of the Roman empire with interest in both the ethics and practices of historiography and contemporary reconstructions of Christian origins; feminist and liberationist hermeneutics; and rhetorical analysis of biblical texts and their histories of interpretation.
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Stephen D. Moore -Professor of New Testament
-Ph.D., University of Dublin, Ireland
Professor Moore’s Teaching and research center primarily on the narrative books of the New Testament. He has long been engrossed with the challenge of bringing biblical studies into deeper dialogue with broad intellectual currents in the humanities, such as postructuralism, gender and sexuality studies (including masculinity studies and queer theory, cultural studies, and postcolonial studies.
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Kenneth Ngwa -Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible
-Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary
Professor Ngwa’s teaching and research interests are in the Hebrew Bible and African literature, including Israelite and African wisdom literature, oral traditions, history of interpretation/receptions, and narrative ethics.
Sem. 23 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3780
Althea Spencer-Miller -Assistant Professor of New Testament
-Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University
Prof. Althea Spencer-Miller’s teaching interests include the Gospels, Acts, the Pauline corpus, New Testament Apocrypha, Biblical languages, and ancient and contemporary mythologies. Her research interests include the cross-cultural politics of writing, comparative cultural studies, reconstruction of early Christianities within the Greco-Roman Empire using gendered and post-colonial perspectives, comparative mythology, and contextual, feminist, and post-colonial hermeneutics and the implications of all these for textual criticism and historical reconstruction. To both her teaching and research Prof. Spencer-Miller brings post-colonial, liberationist, feminist, and subaltern perspectives.
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Historical Studies

MorrisDavis_0028 copy.thumbnailMorris L. Davis -Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
-Associate Professor of the History of Christianity and Wesleyan/Methodist Studies
-Ph.D., Drew University Dean Davis’s teaching and research is in the broader field of Christianity in the Americas including race, nationalism, and the history of missions; slavery and racial segregation among Christians; Wesleyan and Methodist movements; and Christians and war.
Sem. 28 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3419
Leonard Sweet -E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism
-Ph.D., University of Rochester
Professor Sweet’s research and professional interests include church culture and culture issues; evangelism and missiology; the history of religion in America, especially 19th- and 20th-century evangelicalism; the emerging postmodern church; leadership issues; new forms of evangelism in the 21st-century church; and relationship theology.
Sem. 103 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3861
J. Terry Todd -Associate Professor of American Religious Studies
-Ph.D., Columbia University
Professor Todd’s research and teaching focus on how religious ideas, practices, and institutions in the United States develop within 20th-century urban contexts, and how forms of popular media shape the way we think about ourselves in relation to religion, spirituality, and the American nation.
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Religion and Society

Laurel Kearns
-Associate Professor of the Sociology of Religion and Environmental Studies
-Ph.D., Emory University
Professor Kearns’s teaching interests, beyond general sociology of religion, include the interplay of religion(s) in social change, globalization, and non-violent and ecological social movements; the religious landscape of the U.S., with particular interest in the religious expressions of women, new immigrant groups and people of color; and religion and ecology, with a particular interest in eco-justice. Her research is focused on religious, particularly Christian, involvement in environmental issues and movements and nature spirituality.Sem. 108 :: E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-4009
Elias Ortega-Aponte -Assistant Professor of Afro-Latina/o Religions and Cultural Studies
-Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary Sem. 018 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3305
Kate M. Ott -Assistant Professor of Christian Social Ethics
-Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary
Professor Ott’s teaching and research interests include children and youth; feminist and liberation ethics with attention to conversations in moral theology; medical and healthcare ethics including sexual and reproductive health issues; and intersections between justice-based activist and academic communities.
Sem. 28 | E-mail | Tel: 973.408.3298 
Arthur L. Pressley -Associate Professor of Psychology and Religion
-Ph.D., NorthwesternUniversity
Professor Pressley’s teaching and research center on cross-cultural studies focusing on culture and personality, pastoral care and counseling, and psychology of trauma and recovery.
Sem. 208 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3594
Angella M. Pak Son -Associate Professor of Psychology and Religion
-Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary Professor Son’s teaching and research include psychology of religion; psychology of the self; theology of atonement; theological anthropology; practical theology; issues of grace, shame, and depression; and issues of family, women, and race.
Sem. 25 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3260
Traci C. West -Professor of Ethics and African American Studies
-Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary Professor West’s teaching and research focus on liberative Christian social ethics related to issues of race, gender, and sexuality; African-American social thought; and social justice issues in church and society with an emphasis on violence against women, welfare policy, clergy ethics, and racism.
Sem. 203 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3082
Nancy Lynne Westfield-Associate Professor of Religious Education
-Ph.D., The Union Institute
Professor Westfield’s teaching and research interests include pedagogy, engaged pedagogy, African-American women’s studies, womanist studies, spirituality, creativity, mysticism, and theological education.
Sem. 15 | E-mail | Web  | Tel: 973-408-3063

Theological and Philosophical Studies

Christopher Jon Boesel
-Associate Professor of Christian Theology
-Ph.D., Emory University
Professor Boesel’s teaching and research interests include kerygmatic and narrative approaches to Christian doctrine; Soren Kierkegaard, Karl Barth, Jacques Derrida and the relation of Christian theology to philosophy and postmodern discourse; post-Holocaust theology and Jewish-Christian dialogue; feminist, womanist, and liberation theologies; and the relation of faith to ethical responsibility.
Sem. 107 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3789
Robert Corrington
-Professor of Philosophical Theology
-Ph.D., Drew University
Professor Corrington’s teaching and research interests include philosophical cosmology; Protestant Liberalism; semiotics; depth-psychology; American Naturalism; and South Asian philosophy. In particular he is interested in the prospects of a world theology as grounded in a metaphysics of nature.
Davies House 203 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3682
Catherine Keller
-Professor of Constructive Theology
-Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School
Professor Keller pursues constructive theology as a cultural practice. She uses process, poststructuralist, eco-feminist and postcolonial perspectives to develop the theopoetic spectrum of ancient Jewish and Christian themes in contemporary contexts.
Sem. 110 E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3268
Hyo-Dong Lee
-Associate Professor of Comparative Theology
-Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Professor Lee’s teaching and research interests lie in the area broadly defined as theology of religions and comparative theology, and more specifically, dialogue between the Christian/Western theological tradition and Northeast Asian religious thought, including Confucianism Daoism, Tonghak, etc. His interests extend also to postcolonial theories and European postmodern thought.
Sem. 22 | E-mail | Web | Tel: 973-408-3129