Program Description

The Worship, Spirituality and Preaching DMIN concentration is offered to those specializing in ministries of liturgy, music, preaching and spiritual formation, and who are sensitive to the spirituality of geography, sacred space and seasonal emphasis. It features team-teaching, travel-study, intensive sessions and active learning at several geographical and seasonal sites.

The curriculum consists of thirty (30) semester credits of multi-disciplinary studies, a three-week summer term on the Drew campus. During the second and third years of the program concentration, candidates work with their faculty advisers to develop a project proposal, design and execute their approved project, have it independently evaluated, and then compile the results, learnings, and contributions in a project thesis.

Core faculty include:

  • The Rev. Dr. Heather Murray Elkins, Professor of Worship and Liturgical Studies
  • The Rev. Dr. Gary Simpson, Assistant Professor of Homiletics
  • Sr. Kathleen Flood, Director of StillPoint Retreat and Study Center
  • The Rev. Dr. Joel Mason, Rector, Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: July 1, 2013
  • Program Start Time: Fall 2013
  • Graduation: May 2016

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Course Information

Core Courses

Fall Term 2013

WSP 901 Theology of Sacrament and Story (3) (Dr. Joel Mason)
Draws on historical and theological foundations for worship and spirituality through critical reflection on narrative theology in worship, preaching, autobiography, story-telling and Scripture. Ministerial leaders live and breathe at the intersection of stories that are secular and sacred, human and holy. Communities of faith construct narratives that signify the traditions that shape their ministries. This course will explore the use of narrative in personal identity and congregational development. Term project includes a written spiritual-theological portrait of one’s congregational or ministry context). Offered as one-week intensive at Drew University. (Oct 2013)

Jan Term 2014

WSP 900/Foundations in Worship and Spirituality: History of Christian Spirituality (3) (Sr. Kathleen Flood)
Promotes critical reflection on ministerial leadership in the congregation through the lens of spiritual formation in historical and theological context. Includes a 3-day retreat/advance at teaching church or extension site, and a follow-up session on historical and theological foundations for ministry. Course objective: to understand the role of spiritual formation in one’s particular denominational tradition and congregational history. Term project includes a written theological portrait of one’s congregational ethos plus a spiritual formation project appropriate to one’s tradition. Offered as a one week intensive.

Spring Term 2014

WSP 912 Writing for Worship (3) (Dr. Heather Murray Elkins)Heather Murray Elkins - Spring 2013 Matriculation
Focused on practical skills used in writing for contemporary worship and ritual. Offered as one-week intensive at Drew University.

Summer Term (2014) (9)

Intensive two-week session on the Drew campus plus one-week at on campus or at a Drew extension site. Each student takes two courses at Drew campus and one elective option at Drew or an extension site .

DMIN 980 Theological Methods and Practice (3)
Building upon the understanding of ministry in the postmodern context, the class will introduce the student to relevant research methodologies and tools that may be employed in the Doctor of Ministry project. Students will engage in formulating their DMin project using their ministerial context. By first framing the project theologically, the students will then begin to conceptualize the components of the project that will enable them to address the project focus.

Elective Courses

WSP 902/The Preaching Life (3) (Gary Simpson)simpson
This foundational course will examine the life of the sermon and preaching with specific attention given to centering the sermon in the church’s liturgy and centering the preacher in a life of spiritual discipline. This course will be taught at Drew and in New York City with particular attention given to the history of preaching in this urban context.



WSP 972 Pilgrimage: Exploring Celtic Sites with Christian Faith (3) (Joel Mason)

Celtic Christianity flourished from the 5th-12th centuries in Ireland , Scotland , Wales , Brittany and Northern France . Emerging from the mists of time, Celtic spirituality continues to resonate with many interests and concerns of contemporary Christians and seekers of faith. This travel-study seminar explores the rich Celtic traditions by visiting historic sites in Wales and hearing presentations from a variety of international scholars at St. Deiniol’s Library, Wales . Celtic themes include: divine immanence, intimacy with God, soul friendship, solitude and community, communion of the saints, and “thin places in the universe.” Preparatory reading and integrative term paper required.

Location:  Bardsley Island, Wales

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Project and Thesis Phase (Fall 2014 – Spring 2016)

This phase of the program consists of four semesters of project development and thesis writing. Students are required to select, train and work collaboratively with a Lay Advisory Team, who takes part in designing, executing and evaluating the project.

Fall 2014

DMIN 990 Project Colloquium (3)
Colloquium for processing project proposals with the goal of getting the prospectus approved before the end of the semester. Typically occurs in two 2-day sessions on campus or at an extension site; involves group process and individual academic advising.

Spring 2015

DMIN 991 Professional Project (3)
Project implementation with a one-day report back session.

Fall 2015

DMIN 992 Project and Thesis Research and Writing (3)
Continuation of work on project and thesis research and writing. Report back sessions are scheduled leading to approval of the first draft of the Thesis

Spring 2016

DMIN 993 Completion of Thesis and Exit Interview (3)
Work on writing the final draft of the paper and Exit Interview. Report back sessions are scheduled leading to approval of the thesis. Exit Interviews are required for all students.

May Graduation 2016

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Tuition and Other Costs

  • Currently $550 per credit hour or approximately $1,650/course
  • Estimated cost for text books and tools: $750
  • Reasonably priced dormitory style housing and meals at nearby retreat centers available for course meetings; facility usage fees
  • Travel and meals
  • Reasonably priced dormitory style housing for on campus summer session.

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Contact Information

To Apply, Contact

Dr. Kevin Miller, Director of Theological Admissions
973-408-3111 or visit

For additional program information:

Dr. Carl Savage, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

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