Is a Drew University DMIN in your future?

Madison NJ Regional DMIN in Congregational Growth & Development

The group will focus on a biblically-based and theologically-informed approach to ministry and congregational development with integrity. This Doctor of Ministry concentration is carefully designed to assist pastors in assessing their context of ministry and employing new insights for growth and development in their settings. Students will engage in a new narrative approach to research in ministry, gain skills in using a systems approach to leadership, and enjoy new insights for conducting ministry in the 21st century.

First Year Core Courses

  • CONCD 903 Church Growth shaped by Community Outreach & Mission (3 credits)
    This course will explore the role of community and mission in church growth while taking the premise that we must first build community before we can build congregations. In what ways must the church build community and perform necessary outreach? What must the church do in order to transform outreach into sustained church growth? Approaches for developing community and implementing mission outreach will be theologically and critically analyzed.  Instructor: Dr. Kevin Miller
  • CONCD 902  Spiritual Formation for Congregational Vitality (3 credits)
    Leading congregations is demanding especially in the third millennium. As a result, congregational leaders need firm grounding in spirituality and leadership skills as well as the opportunity to network with others. This course will offer strategies to enhance pastoral directions, skills, and ways to engage the church community as “life-long learning” disciples.  This course will provide a context in which professional ministers can share best practices in their spiritual lives, leadership styles, mission focus, congregational leadership and engagement of church members to further the mission of Christ. Each pastor or pastoral minister has to continually sharpen skills, gather ideas, try new approaches, and have the support of colleagues who understand the blessings and challenges of ministering in the 21st Century. Instructor: Dr. Donna Ciangio
  • CONCD 913 Prophetic Leadership in the Congregation and Community (3 credits)
    Starting from the perspective that all relationship systems can become de-stabilized by change and stress as well as corrupted by power, this interactive course explores how leaders with prophetic imagination can use their unique, faith-based identities and systemic positions to facilitate the restoration of faith communities to new stabilities that reflect contextual realities. The course will begin with a brief review of a Narrative, or story-based outlook on ministry and a description of systems concepts, including the impact of leaders’ family of origin process and internalized societal discourses upon the systems they join. Students will participate in practice sessions to hone skills associated with innovative and self-differentiated leadership. The course also briefly explore the ways systems thinking interfaces with Postmodern Era realities such as the elaboration of system complexity by internet use; the effects of communication styles and speed on system functioning; mobility and rapid shifts in population; and the globalization of the world economy. The class will work collaboratively on selected student case presentations. Instructor: Dr. William Presnell

Summer Electives – Select two from several course options and the methods course

Courses are structured in various formats, including:

  • 1-week intensive (JanTerm 2015)
  • Two 3-day intensives (Fall (2014) and Spring Terms (2015))
  • Three-week residential Summer Term (July 2015)
  • Two Years of Project/Thesis work

Dates & Times

Fall 2014 Two 3-day sessions on Drew  Campus
Jan 2015 Week-long session on Drew Campus
Spring 2015 Two 3-day sessions on Drew  Campus
Summer 2015 3-week intensive: July 2015 on Drew Campus

General Requirements

The DMIN degree at Drew is open to ministerial leaders who have

  • M.Div. from ATS accredited institution (equivalent graduate theological education will be considered)
  • Three years or more of the practice of ministry after one’s first theological degree
  • Recognized ministry assignment at time of admission
  • Strong record of effective leadership in the practice of ministry
  • Evidence of academic ability (a 3.2 GPA)
  • Capacity for critical theological reflection and writing
  • TOEFL scores of 570 (computer-based 230) must be submitted by those for whom English is not their first language

Degree Completion

Successful candidates will have completed 30 credit hours including:

  • 3 core courses, 2 electives, and the Methods for Ministry course
  • Design, implementation, evaluation and description of professional project
  • Approval and defense of doctoral thesis based on project

Tuition and other costs

  • Currently $550 per credit hour
  • Estimated cost for text books and tools: $500
  • Intensive and Summer dormitory-style housing at reasonable rate
  • Travel and meals


To Apply


Dr. Kevin Miller, Director of Theological Admissions
973-408-3111 or visit

Apply Online

Application Deadline: July 1, 2014

For additional program information:

Dr. Carl Savage, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program