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Program Description

The Worship, Spirituality and Preaching DMIN concentration is offered to those specializing in ministries of worship, preaching, and spiritual formation, and who are devoted to the spirituality of ministry, sacred people and space, and the Word in worship. It features team-teaching, travel-study, intensive sessions, and active learning.

The curriculum consists of thirty (30) credits of multi-disciplinary intensive studies, offered in a two-week January terms (2015, 2016) and a three-week summer term (2015) on the Drew campus. During the second and third years of the program concentration, candidates work with their faculty advisers to develop a project proposal, design and execute their approved project, have it independently evaluated, and then compile the results, learnings, and contributions in a project thesis. The classes for this cohort will be offered in Korean and English. Candidates have the option to write their project thesis in Korean or English.

Core faculty include:

  • The Rev. Dr. Heather Murray Elkins, Professor of Worship, Preaching, and the Arts, Drew University-the Theological School
  • The Rev. Dr. Haejung Park, Associate Professor of Worship,  Methodist Theological University, Seoul, Korea
  • The Rev. Dr. Deok Weon Ahn, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Torch Trinity Graduate University, Seoul, Korea
  • The Rev. Dr. Young Bong Kim, Senior Pastor, Pastor, Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington, McLean, Virginia
  • The Rev. Dr. Gye Ho (Thomas) Kim, Senior Pastor, First and Summerfield United Methodist Church, New Haven, Connecticut
  • Bishop Dr. In-Hwan Kim, Senior Pastor, Sung Eun Korean Methodist Church, Seoul, Korea

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: 10/1/ 2014
  • Program Start Time: January 15th, 2015
  • Graduation: May 2017

Course Information

January Term 2015 (6 credits) 

Each student takes two courses on the Drew campus. Two weeks.

WSP 900 Foundations in Worship (3):  Dr. Haejong Park
What is Christian worship, and how is it effectively and meaningfully led?  This course will explore the biblical, theological, and historical underpinnings of the community gathered for worship, study the elements of regular and special services (including sacraments and pastoral rituals, seasonal worships, and contemporary worship services), and provide practical guidance for developing worship experiences appropriate to both congregation and leader.

WSP 901 Theology of Sacrament and Story (3): Dr. Heather Elkins
Draws on historical and theological foundations for worship and spirituality through critical reflection on narrative theology in worship, preaching, autobiography, story-telling and Scripture. Ministerial leaders live and breathe at the intersection of stories that are secular and sacred, human and holy. Communities of faith construct narratives that signify the traditions that shape their ministries. This course will explore the use of narrative in personal identity and congregational development. Offered as one-week intensive at Drew University.


Summer Term 2015 (9 credits)

Each student takes three courses on the Drew campus.  Three weeks, July 13-31, 2015.

DMIN 980 Theological Methods and Practice (3):  Dr. Gye Ho Kim
Building upon the understanding of ministry in the postmodern context, the class will introduce the student to relevant research methodologies and tools that may be employed in the Doctor of Ministry project. Students will engage in formulating their DMin project using their ministerial context. By first framing the project theologically, the students will then begin to conceptualize the components of the project that will enable them to address the project focus.

WSP 902 Spirituality (3):  Dr. Deok Weon Ahn

Promotes critical reflection on ministerial leadership in the congregation through the lens of spiritual formation in historical and theological context. Course objective: to understand the role of spiritual formation in one’s particular denominational tradition and congregational history. Offered as a one week intensive.

WSP 903 Spirituality and Preaching Ministry (3):   Dr. Young Bong Kim

Focuses on the roles of the spirituality of the preacher for his/her preaching ministry. Students will be guided to critically and prayerfully review their spiritual journey and to communally seek future directions for spiritual formation for fruitful preaching ministry. The course will also help students grow together in preaching ministry through preaching clinic. Offered as one-week intensive at Drew University.


January Term 2016 (6 credits)

Each student takes two courses on the Drew campus. Two weeks.

DMIN 990 Project Development Colloquium (3)

Colloquium for processing project proposals and design.

WSP 904 Elective in Spirituality (3): Dr. In-Hwan Kim


Spring 2016 (3 credits)

DMIN 991 Professional Project (3)

Provides academic credit for project execution and requires a one-day “report back” session in the spring semester. Graded Pass/Unsatisfactory.

Fall 2016 (3 credits)

DMIN 992 Project and Thesis Research and Writing (3)

Continuation of work on project and thesis research and writing. “Report back” sessions are scheduled leading to approval of the first draft of the thesis. Graded Pass/Unsatisfactory.

Spring 2017 (3 credits)

DMIN 993 Completion of Thesis and Exit Interview (3)

Work on writing the final draft of the paper and exit interview. “Report back” sessions are scheduled leading to approval of the thesis. Exit interviews are required for all students. Graded Pass/Unsatisfactory.

May 2017 Graduation

Contact Information

To Apply, Contact

Dr. Kevin Miller, Director of Theological Admissions
973-408-3111 or visit

For additional program information:

Dr. Carl Savage, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

Nam Joong Kim, Ph.D. Candidate, Coordinator of the Concentration of Worship, Spirituality, and Preaching in the Korean Context in the Doctor of Ministry Program