image3You’ve been in ministry for a few years now and you’re feeling a need for a new stimulus. New issues that were not even on the horizon when you were in seminary are now challenging you. The demands of ministry are draining your spiritual life. You want to focus on an important need in your ministry and you want a disciplined structured way to renew yourself for ministry. But…you are having a hard time finding a place for serious conversation about ministry. And… it is difficult to find something that will fit your schedule. The Doctor of Ministry Program at Drew can be that place where you find the future of your ministry.

Here at Drew you will study in a highly respected program with a world-class faculty and in a group of your professional peers. Both our regional and global/online D.Min. concentrations are praxis driven and academically grounded. You will gain resources, skills and knowledge by taking courses during your first year in the program before spending the next two years designing and implementing a ministry project and writing a doctoral project thesis.

Our mission is to prepare you for your 21st century ministry, by improving skills, giving insights, and teaching an approach to ministry that is theologically reflective. Toward this aim, we offer a variety of program options. Tomorrow’s spiritual leaders will be change agents called upon to exegete postmodern culture and create new narratives, images and imperatives of ministry for the Third Millennium. We hope you will join us in this sacred endeavor. As Drew’s Dr. Len Sweet advocates, “Carpe diem!”

What Is Special About The Program?

The Drew D.Min. program is designed to accommodate student enrollment in a given time and place. The program is offered in regional settings and online, utilizing a mobile core and adjunct faculty prepared to teach practical theology and organize contextualized learning. It focuses on the practical issues of ministry in the church and community setting.

Who Are The Students?Inside-Out

Students in the Drew D.Min. program come from around the world and are part of an ecumenical community representing the traditions of the Methodists, Episcopal, Baptist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Quaker, Reformed, Wesleyan, Greek Orthodox, and many other denominations. They range in age from 28 to 73 and are multiethnic in background.

How Long Does It Take?

Drew’s Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program consists of three semesters and one intensive summer session of course work, followed by four semesters of research, supervised project design, applications, and evaluation in your specific area of study, culminating in a professional paper of publishable quality. The schedule, the regional locations, and the academic work are all tailored to the needs of busy pastors. Enrollment in the D.Min. program is selective.

Who May Apply?sem_hall_bench_window

Candidates for the Doctor of Ministry program are required to have:

  • a M.Div. degree or its equivalent
  • a GPA of 3.2 or above
  • recognized ministry assignment at time of admission
  • good record of vital ministry and academic excellence
  • good recommendations from a religious leader within their denomination and others
  • 3 years ministry experience after first theological degree