Dr. Kenneth Ngwa, Director of the CCGC

This academic year marks the sixth year of the Center for Christianities in Global Contexts (CCGC), established with the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation. During the past five years, the Center has benefited from the many gifts of its previous directors, including Dr. Elizabeth Tapia, Dr. Wesley Ariarajah and, most recently, the co-directorship of Dr. Virginia Burrus and Dean Jeffrey Kuan, working in collaboration with Luce Graduate Fellows. This year, Dr. Kenneth Ngwa will direct the work of the center, working with a group of five Luce Fellows (Christian Kakez-A- Kapend, Terra Rowe, Jung Eun Jang, Wang-eun Serl, and Karen Bray), who bring great enthusiasm and multiple gifts to the enable the CCGC to build on the successes of the previous years, to deepen and expand the Center’s contributions to the life of the Theological School, as well as to forge global partnerships.

To that end, the CCGC continues to host events that highlight the rich manifestations of Christian manifestations in different cultures; forums that foster greater integration of our M. Div. cross-cultural studies into our pedagogies and conversations on global Christianities; the use of technology (video cinematography) to enhance and enrich the experience of cross-cultural and transnational manifestations of Christianities; and support for faculty research on contextual theologies and global ecology.

In collaboration with theological institutions abroad that have sent research fellows to the Center, we will seek the establishment of partner centers in Asia and Africa that will not only anchor longstanding collaborative research on the character of Christianities in different contexts, but also serve as resource centers on curriculum development, transnational religious practices, and the impact of technology on the pedagogies of global theological education.

We continue to be grateful to Luce Foundation for its generous support of our work.

Kenneth Ngwa
Assistant Professor, Hebrew Bible
The Theological School, Drew University