Faith, Science & Church: October 2014 Tipple-Vosburgh Alumni Reunion

This year’s Tipple-Vosburgh alumni reunion will culminate in the installation of Dean Javier Viera on Thursday October 16.


What are the issues facing congregations when they have the courage to grapple with the intersections of faith and science? What shape would teaching, preaching and conversation take when addressing end of life, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, creationism versus evolutionism, the Bible, public theology and environmental justice?Historically, a critical tension in church circles has centered around the often seeming conflicts between scientific understandings and doctrinal beliefs. We live in a world where scientific developments and innovations meet our everyday lives at levels unfathomable in previous decades.This year’s Tipple-Vosburgh series invites experts from various scientific, academic, public health, nonprofit and church arenas into conversation together to explore both the points of contrast and of synergy between scientific evidence and faith traditions present in various practices of ministry: pastoral care, teaching, preaching and mission. They will also encourage us to engage the advances and innovations that are redefining the limits of what it means to be human, what is mentally, physically and spiritually healthy, and, at its most basic, what is our place in the universe as our concepts of time, place and people rapidly expands.In order to invite deeper discussion and interaction, this year’s event is organized as a series of forums rather than lectures, allowing participants to be actively engaged in the dialogue. Join us for this exciting and interactive series.