The Life and Ministry of E. Stanley Jones: Reflections of a Granddaughter

Anne Matthews-Younes
“Jones wrote a book on Ghandi, and it sits on a shelf with a lot of other books. MLK Jr. picks it up, reads it, and changes the world.”  –-student comment

Each generation yields a few Christian leaders whose life commitment to Christ and spiritual gifts continue inspiring faith beyond their lifetimes.  Dr. E. Stanley Jones (1884-1973) was such a person.  On February 12-13, Dr. Anne Mathews-Younes, granddaughter of E. Stanley Jones, honored his legacy in lecture and lunchtime conversation at the 2013 Wallace Chappell Lecture, made possible this year by a grant secured through Prof. Len Sweet from the Foundation for Evangelism.

As a widely known and universally admired Christian missionary and evangelist of the 20th century, Dr. Jones spent 70 years traveling throughout the world.  As an ecumenical leader and spokesperson for peace, racial brotherhood and social justice, Jones was a constant witness for Jesus Christ. A confident of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, an inspiration to Martin Luther King, Jr., and numerous other world leaders, he was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Stanley Jones
“As a United Methodist, I feel even more connected to MLK Jr. through the work of Rev. Jones. I feel that I am “standing on the shoulders of giants” as I prepare to become ordained and make change–realiizing that these people did make change.”    —student comment

In 1938 Time Magazine called him “the world’s greatest missionary evangelist.”  Dr. Jones’ approach to evangelism presented Christ as the universal Son of Man without the trappings of Western culture.  His tireless effort in advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ knew no bounds.  He delivered tens of thousands of sermons and lectures, traveled 50 weeks a year, and often spoke two to six times a day.  His witness to Jesus Christ had a life changing impact on the millions of people though the world who heard him speak or read his books…

The remarkable legacy of this humble missionary evangelist continues to inspire Christian leaders and laity around the world.  Dr. Jones saw into a future where terms like “global economy” and “new world order” would be common buzzwords.  He understood the transcending and unifying power of Jesus Christ.  Jones understood the potential impact of the Kingdom of God on our world.  The world needs to hear this message now more than ever.

Dr. Anne Mathews-Younes is currently working for the Federal Government as a psychologist in the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Mental Health Services.  Dr. Mathews-Younes oversees the administration of programs that focus on some of the Nation’s most underserved populations, including minorities, women, rural residents and refugees with mental illnesses. Dr. Mathews-Younes is responsible for the administration of programs related to school violence and suicide prevention, the prevention of mental and behavioral disorders and the promotion of mental health, as well as disaster mental health initiatives including FEMA disaster crisis counseling programs. She also provides oversight for programs that focus on the role of the faith community and behavioral health and the provision of culturally competent mental health services.

Len Sweet
“Proclaiming the good news, E. Stanley Jones challenges us to a committed inner life that reflects outward in a heroic public life.” –Anthony Pami, MDiv Student

Dr. Mathews-Younes was initially trained as an occupational therapist.  She later received her doctorate in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University and is a licensed psychologist.  Dr. Mathews-Younes has also completed a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., as well as a Doctoral Degree in Ministry from that same seminary.  Both of her theology degree theses focused on the life, mission and theology of her late grandfather E. Stanley Jones.  Dr. Mathews-Younes is the President of the E. Stanley Jones Foundation and has served as the Vice President of the United Christian Ashram Board, a spiritual retreat organization founded by E. Stanley Jones.